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1. Moving Picture World March 1907

... THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD. Biograph, Films OUR LATEST, AS USUAL, A NOVELTY FIGHTS OF NATIONS ===== AFFAIRS OF HONOR A LA MODE ====== LENGTH, 750 FEET •r American Mutoscope ®u Biograph Co. 11 East 14th Street, New YorK KLEtNE OPTICAL CO ...

2. Moving Picture World April 1907

... 66 ■■ ! ' THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD. CLASS A FILMS 15 Cents &9T foot ExhibitionModel^lIK Ml Kinetoscope OilJ.UU FILMS AND THE RECOGE^uZ CLASS 1 13 Cents ) FILMS per fo o t Universal Model07 Kinetoscope w ...

3. Moving Picture World May 1907

... 130 CLASS A FILMS 15 Cents per foot THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD. CLASS B FILMj 12 Cents per foot Universal Model jtaoscops FILMS AND PROJECTING -KINBT0SCOPBS THE REeOCNiZ[I& STANDARDS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD Edison EstHifeiftion Modal Kinetoscope ...

4. Moving Picture World June 1907

... 194 CLASS A FILMS 15 Cents per foot Exhibition Mode!41!E (If) Kinetoscope $SltfaUU THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD. CLASS B FILMS 12 Cents per foot Universal Hodei$7c ah Kinetoscope ...

5. Moving Picture World July 1907

... 274 THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD. SWAAB the name to conjure with when contem- plating the purchase of a MOTION PICTURE MACHINE and FILMS or to renew your present equipment.' We don't resort to fake advertisements or catchpenny schemes ...

6. Moving Picture World Aug 1907

... 354 THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD. SWAAB'S NEW FILM REWINDER holds two ten inch reels at one time; rewinds from one to the other as quick as a wink; a boon to Nickelodeon Operators; can be attached to any shelf or table, price ...

7. Moving Picture World September 1907

... 4i8 r THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD. to s^g (LOOK FOR TSS& BOOBS) OUR HSrW ONE T2SES 'WK&WL A ComocUy-IJjraffiaa in IS Miaoteo 1 OR TESE R.E-ET URCHIN An excellent subject, beautiful in its simplicity, full of heart interest in its story, dramatic in its construction and very laughable in its comedy scenes and, above all, very influential in its moral ...

8. Moving Picture World October 1907

... 482 THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD. ■■,.-.- . have the. business what it is Don't You Remember Personal, Lost Child, Moon- shiners, ChicKen Thief, Silver Wedding, etc. Course You Do THEY WERE ALL BIOGRAPH PRODUCTIONS In these we set a pace hard for others to follow, and have ever since continued to be the pace-maker, adding this week to pur already long list ...

9. Moving Picture World November 1907


10. Moving Picture World Dec 1907

... 642 THE MOVING PICTURE WORLD. ■■*■-? ~'-<- SSSIZS You cannot afford to purchase a Moving Picture Machine until you have seen the Flickefless American Proiectograph lEJHESSLER&CO rzzz ASK FOR The only machine that will not flicker even after years of use CHAS. E. DRE§@L£R