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1. Billboard Oct 1905

... . Nor. »Mw nr. nbaialier «( OBBaMaeab (aarkanue—T. «, A. SlBte Cm. 2a-lB. Unmatone—iBpawHt IMgae GNcarllle Oon. Ser. IBB. Teaebenf i a. t. w. Jobsaa^ TEXAS. Dallaa—^Unitarian Cbtircb Soatbem KoT ...

2. Billboard Oct 1905

... . Snyder Is pastor ot a little Unitarian church In Wellesley Bills, Man. He la ^ty- turee years o( age and a Itnng letatatloo of tbe Osier extennlnatioD theory, ftom head to foot be looks the eaanny detgyiasa ...

3. Billboard Oct 1905

... . at tte Theatre Royal. Udbonme. It was written to collaboration by tte Rev. George Walters, ..a Sydney Unitarian minister, and Mr. George BIgold. lessee and msnsger ot Her hiaJsBlyX ft if e tly a weilkBewB Lon- don aetoe ...

4. Billboard May 1905

... . JWm T. HUtoa. SN.r& Obtet Boaton—Ptoteatant B pl a rs Bi l ' CMaA PlBt t aa a Cob. May 24. Ber. U O, WMkHlar. S80 Rogera at., Lowell Mam ' Boaton—Independent Unitarian Aaaa. 0oa. Iby 23-24. Cliarlea B. St. John. Boston—Natl. Aaan. Maateia ot Daadag Ooo. June 13. Geo. W. Smith. Gray and Blgk sta ...

5. Billboard May 1905

... . May — Boston—Naval and Mllltair Order SpanMi' American War Natl. Commandery Ooo. May 20. Oapt. John T. HUtoo. ate. la BostoD—Protestsat Episeopal -~ Coo. Hay 34. Rev. L. OL Bogen St., Lowell. Mass. Bostao—American Unitarian Aaan ...