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1. Exhibitors Herald Apr-Jun 1920

... . Such persons, and they make up the reading element of theatredom, will be interested in the following account. "Broken Blossoms," D. W. Griffith's United Artists' production, was recently exhibited at the Universalist church, Bridgeport, Conn ...

2. Exhibitors Herald Oct-Dec 1921

... (Special to Exhibitors Herald) LOGANSPORT. IND.. Dec. 13.— Motion pictures have been placed on his winter program for Sunday evening serv- ices by the Rev. Wellington C. Holmes, pastor of the Universalist church here ...

3. Exhibitors Herald Sep-Dec 1927

... . Reisner, Pastor, Chelsea Metho- dist Episcopal Church, President, Broadway Tab- ernacle Corporation. Dr. A. Rose, Universalist Church, Newark, N. J. Rev. George Reid Andrews, Director, Church and Drama Association, Federal Council of Churches. Rev. Leland P ...