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1. Exhibitors Herald Oct-Dec 1920

... . Peacocke Author of "Neptune's Daughter" Available at the Following Recognized Exchanges: Greater New York, New York State, Northern New Jersey, Empire State Film Corporation. New England States, Federated Film Exchange, Inc., N. Y ...

2. Exhibitors Herald Oct-Dec 1920

... . Peacocke "The Toreador" 44 Sky Eye 6 Reels 11 44 The Stranger 6 Reels Marvelous Exemplification of Bull Fighting in Spain The Following Representative Exchanges Have These Independent Attractions Available For You: 11 Greater New York, New York State, Northern New Jersey, EMPIRE STATE FILM CO RPORATION ...

3. Exhibitors Herald Oct-Dec 1920

... . The success of "Neptune's Bride," the Ormsby company's initial production, is responsible for the big 1921 program. "Neptune's Bride" was written and di- rected by Captain Leslie T. Peacocke, author of "Neptune's Daughter ...

4. Exhibitors Herald Oct-Dec 1920

... ; "Neptune's Bride," written and directed by Capt. Leslie T. Peacocke, author of "Neptune's Daughter," and fea- turing Pluvia, considered the world's most perfectly formed girl; "The Stranger," produced by Hugh B ...

5. Exhibitors Herald Apr-Jun 1922

... . Peacocke has begun produc- tion of "The Wheel of Fortune" at Fine Arts studio in Los Angeles. * * * The Joy Comedy Company announces completion of first of series of 12 two-reel comedies. * * * Larry Semon has started work on a pro- duction called "Golf." Chet and Sid ...

6. Exhibitors Herald Jun-Sep 1918

... . Because of its novelty it is worth booking. The star fits her role well and is fortunate in having well- balanced support, including Fred Church as Richard Grant, and Leslie Peacocke as her father. The story is rather weak, and the picture seems drawn out, but the star's characterization makes up for these deficiencies, and on the whole it is a pleasing feature. The story ...

7. Exhibitors Herald Jun-Dec 1917

... . They are Charles Kenyon. J. Edward Hungerford and Captain Leslie T. Peacocke. ...

8. Exhibitors Herald Jun-Dec 1917

... $1,000 and Jimmy sells his invention for a large sum. mmv and Ellen marrv. MUTUAL "Bab, the Fixer"—August 13 (five- reel Horkheimer comedy-drama, with Jackie Saunders, Leslie Peacocke and Mollie McConnell).—John Porter, a Wall Street broker, fails in business ...