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1. Variety June 1914

... . Willie Hoppe Feature Picture. Willie Hoppe, the billiard champion, has been taken in tow by the Univer- sal, and is to be featured in a movie "special." A scenario is to be writ- ten by Captain Leslie T. Peacocke. CORRESPONDENCE Uelm Otbwwif —ted, At report! are for the cnrreat wetk. ''•"" fwv!;S?""« CHICAGO TABIETT'S CHICAGO OFFICKt MAJESTIC THEATRE BUILDINO Chicago, June 24. Charles Beehler, formerly ...

2. Variety July 1914

... . It was understood Monday a movie concern had gotten Christopher Mat- thewson, the master pitcher of the New York Giants, under a year's contract as a photoplay star. He's to be seen in a feature to be written by Captain Leslie T. Peacocke ...

3. Variety October 1914

... . Clifton Crawford will be in the com- pany. Roy Atwell turned his part back as unsuitable to him, and Alice Hegeman also left for a "not the type" reason. Peacocke's Beauty Scenario. Capt. Leslie T. Peacocke, who wrote the scenario of "Neptune's Daughter," is engaged on a new seven-part fea- ture for the World Film Corporation, which now controls his services ...

4. Variety November 1914

... . The Tlolboa Is sending out a second pamphlet of instruction In Its campaign of instruction to scenario writers. Notes of approval have been received from David W. Griffith, Capt. Leslie T. Peacocke and a host of other leaders in the cinema art ...

5. Variety December 1914

... ." and will produce the same as a five- reel feature at the Peerless studios. "The Renegade" is being adapted for film purposes by Capt. Leslie T. Peacocke. The picture version will be in four parts. One of the big scenes is to be the massacre of a troup of cavalry by Indians. Frederic L ...

6. Variety January 1915

... lines demanded by the pub- lic PISKE PIECE IN FILMS. "Salvation Nell," in which Mrs. Fiske starred some years ago, is to be produced in pictures shortly by the World Film Corporation from a scenario adapted by Capt. Leslie T. Peacocke ...

7. Variety February 1915

... . SCENARIO WRITERS LAND. All of the scenario men, with proba- bly one exception, who had their heads lopped off some weeks ago by-a sweep- ing edict of the Universal had no trou- ble in making new connections. Captain Leslie T. Peacocke, one of the U' most prolific writers, is now at- tached to the Peerless scenario staff, while Jacques Byrne left Feb ...

8. Variety March 1915


9. Variety November 1915

... 28 VARIETY ►: Most beautiful and versatile artist appearing in motion pictures soon to be presented AS KATE WILSON THE UNWRITTEN LAW" jn adapted I mm "^ the sensational drama EDWIN MII.TON ROYLE Author oi "The Squaw Man" and prepared in scenario 1 CAPTAIN LESL1 PEACOCKE California Motion Picture Corporation announces this feature as the second of a new scries of ...

10. Variety December 1915

... . Beyfuss was talking to a Variety representative about the new picture about to be released, "The Unwritten Law," in which Beatriz Michelena is featured. "The Unwritten Law" is by Edwin Milton Royle, author of "The Squaw Man," and prepared in scenario by Captain Leslie Peacocke ...

11. Variety January 1916

... MOVING PICTURES rriL^*- HER GREATEST PRODUCTION EDWIN MILTON ROYLE Author of "THE SQUAW MAN" Prepared in Scenario by CAPT. LESLIE PEACOCKE California Motion Picture Cor- poration announces tins fea- ture as the second of a new series of wonder-film dramati- zations, with Miss Michelena in the stellar roles and pro ...

12. Variety February 1916

... . The first of the'series under the new plan i3 BEATRIZ MICHELENA ''THE UNWRITTEN LAW ' in Edwin Milton By ''The Squaw Man by Capt. Leslie Announcement will Royle, author of ' ' From the scenario T. Peacocke. be made next week; cf the date of a trade showing in New York ...

13. Variety February 1916

... . They have been in consultation with a number of directors and artists to that end. BALBOA TO MAKE NEW SERIAL Capt. Leslie T. Peacocke has com- pleted the scenario for a new serial to be produced by Balboa and which will be released through Pathe. E. D ...

14. Variety October 1917

... . They are Charlee Kenyon, author of "Kindling*'; J. Edward Hungerford. a magaslno writer; Capt. Leslie T. Peacocke, already known to Universal patrons as the author of "Neptune's Daugh- ter." In keeping with Its announced polio/ of securing scenarios from "beet authors," Vita- graph will issue within four weeks a quartet of dramas adapted for the screen from suc- cessful books ...

15. Variety January 1919

... . Art Accord, - broncho buster, la6t seen on tbe camera in theTbeda Bara production of "Cleo- patra." returned last week (rom France: Ac- cord enlisted from the Callfomlan studios with the artillery. Jack Cunningham is writing tbe continuity for "Flatonlo Love," tbe comedy-drama by Capt Leslie T. Peacocke. which will be Klt ...

16. Variety March 1919

... . m m Thomoa Buchanan has been added to the ■cenarlo stoS of the Qoldwyn at Culvflr City. Capt LesUe T. Peacocke Is orgonlilog a company of his own. m^ R. Cecil Smith, continuity writer, boa re- covered from an attack of pneumonia ...

17. Variety September 1924


18. Variety September 1924

... . Henry Still - saan and Benjamin Kauser are the stage directors, and Donald Johnson Is executive manager. The Gay Toung Bride" was written 11 years ago by Captain Leslie Peacocke with Julian Eltinge in mind ...

19. Variety May 1925

... >een of a high-class nature.' with tlie acenarto and story to have t>een provided by Capt. Leslie T. Peacocke (white). it would have been an nil-colored en.«it, with Mrs. Rhinelander having the principal feminine role ...