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19511. New York Clipper August 1903

... . ami are Hon' at lite Yellowstone \ntlonul Park. We |«i*sml throuuh the town hf ttnsln the day tioriuuu ami WaJtei-s were takcu from ttic ruu'Aty Jnll ami shot by a mob from the noted Hole lit the Wall country ...

19512. New York Clipper March 1914

... . FORTY-FOURTH STREET—"Tho Midnight Girl," second week. FORTY-EIGHTH STREET—"To^Day," twen- ty-second week. GLOBE—"Queen of the Movies," eighth week. GAIETY—"Along' Camo Ruth," second •week, HARRIS—"The TJulo of Three," third week ...

19513. New York Clipper May 1912

... . Casiko (Charles Daniels, mgr.)— Follies of the Day this week. Emus: (George McManus, mgr.)—Big Re- view this week. OnriiBUM (Frank Kllholz, mgr.)—The bill for week of 20 Includes: Eva Tangtiay, Be- dlnl and Arthur, Hawthorne and Hurt, "The Clown," Chas ...

19514. New York Clipper September 1904

... * ForaM Cloning Promptly, Tues- day, at lO o'clock A. M. Please remit by express, money order, check, p. 0. order or registered letter. All cash en- closed with letter Is at the risk of sender. Address All Commniilontlona to TUB MOW YORK CLIPPER, 47 West 28th Street, New York ...

19515. Variety Jan 1947

... . The result is a mildly pleasant little comedy that should do well enough at the boxoflice. This version of the original Xlni- vei'sal p^e (1935), which starred Margaret Sullavan in a more literal Pre.ston Sturges adaptation of the Molnar worJi,-has assumed a modern- day New York aura instead of the original Contihehtal atmosphere ...

19516. Variety May 1937

... ; Obviously in the hands of political sharpshooters, he faces a $tifl campaign. for re- electioin. When reporters visit the hdme^. his wife, Mary Bayes,. tires of hearing his boasts and remarks that sh£\couId run aigaiinst him and beat hinw The next day It is all over the front pages of the local papers ...

19517. Variety Jun 1936

... ;Q her own, handles the danc- .'Jng.,end: .Doris Bhodes (Mrs. Sammy: Coaeh) isbkay 09 the vocals; Ja

19518. Variety May 1934

... ^.^le to shake this, and no good not »p to standard of the house, day or the east the pMtormer prob- ygjyjon why he she dispose Of Clifford ably had a ealanr differenUia from ^oUect as he is doing this week ...

19519. Variety May 1932

... .'t robs her, and her condi- tion Is -mistaken for drunkeness. '-•hat geis her a 80-day stretch In the wor'.hbuse which she shares with Katie Flynn. who assumes the uilt when the. crippled boy's mother is arrested for stealing food ...

19520. Variety April 1932

... .' This afternoon house on opening day looked fairly good, the downstairs fioor, showing few'vacant seats despite discouraging weather This week's offering, 'Star Revels,' opens with silhouette effect, cur>- tains being parted Just enough to show Zlzz Black, iri ...