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19511. Variety October 1952

... 66 KJBGI1BIATE Wednesday, Ociol>cr 22, 1952 Brit. Equity BA Reverses Ferrer Ban; Final Decision Now Up to Full Council London, Oct. 21. In an emergency session yester- day (Mon.), the British Actors equity executive reversed its previ- ous ban on Jose Ferrer playing at production himself ...

19512. Variety October 1952

... . In 1948 he became mana- ger of WIZE, Springfield, O., a post he held until moving back to Day- ton. His wife, a son and his mother survive. HARRY GROVE Harry Grove, 36, radio and TV announcer, was killed Oct. 18 in a motor car accident near Jonesburg, Mo. He had been with KCMO, Kansas City, for six years, and for the last 18 months had been a tele commentator for WCPO, Cincin- nati. In World War II ...

19513. Variety September 1952

... . Danziger, head of Eastern Sound Studios, N. Y., was Involved in financing the latter part of the film’s production. It features Doris Dowling, Michael Whalen and Tommy Wonder. SI Pli IN ALL Drama and problem pix take an indefinite holiday, and escapism moves to the forefront in pictures slated for release by the major filmeries in the post-Labor Day period ...

19514. Variety August 1952

... grade with the Lancas- trians. The Winter Gardens is strictly a vaude house, and specializes in radio and vaude names. It is operated by impresario Harold Fielding. Frankie Howard, Wini- fred Atwell, Elsie and Doris Waters,, Eeter Cavanagh, The Revellers, Faith and Evans and Gladys Morgan have already played there this season. As vaude is not allowed on Sundays, Field- ing imports name bands for that ...

19515. Variety August 1952


19516. Variety July 1952

... (indivi- graphy by Doris Humphrey, music duals), 46 contributing individuals, by Norman Lloyd, scenery and I, 300 individuals, one participating, lighting by Donald Oenslager, and 13 library, 119 member groups and costumes conceived by Motley and ...

19517. Variety June 1952

... . Harvey Stone, who also is making his- first stand here M a couple of years, Was a click, and Arthur Blake, doubling from the Baga-J telle, had the'top hand of the -day/' Saul Grauman showed a pleasing novelty at the opening show yes- terday (Mon ...

19518. Variety June 1952

... +jSSi Bluebell Girls (English), the latter- half with Woolf Phillips’ band Mr. and Mrs. Paul Derval and between shooting in England, the TSfljjrSvSiS In ro^te to thJir day version of .the former Tiller (The Skyrockets) moved onstage stager Michel Gyarmathy ...

19519. Variety May 1952


19520. Variety February 1952

... disclosure that Hedy Lamarr was the actual purchaser of a story property Originally . reported to have been acquired by UA prexy Arthur Krim. , Krim negotiated the deal for purchase of ‘Xhe . Story of Esther,” by Frank "and* Doris Hursley, in behalf of Miss Lamarr ...