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19511. New York Clipper July 1904

... &u Timet and other papers while In the War Office, and in 1872 became dramatic critic of The Telegraph. In September, 18110, Mr. Scott came to America and wrote for The .Vnr York Herald. Ills liest known book was "The Drama of Yester- day und To-Day ...

19512. New York Clipper September 1903

... . Llios. It. Crollns nml Adele Si. Alva In a sketch, called "A Silent Woman;" Mm! roe and Marsha , slngem and dancers; c|. day and l^x, Hebrew comedians; Um and Namon, comedy bicyclists and bag punch- ers; Reno and Smith, comedy acrobats, ami Marlon Garson, singer ...

19513. New York Clipper May 1903

... ; Queen Gertrude, Louise Morwin, Opbclln, Jane Bcbenck; Player Queen, Doris MltcheU. Tbe performance was repeated. Friday nfternoon, The death of Stuart Robson, was not altogether uDlooked for. neverthe- less came as a shock to bis many friends and admirers ...

19514. New York Clipper Nov 1894

... ]- Terss wiDds And choppy haji, ADd on Ih* Moood to tho Uat day ran ihrouRh a fog. (the left Dinnt'i Dock At 12 66 r. V. on Ocu 30 ind reached the Bindy Hook ilghtelilp At 3.43 r. H. m. Bhe mede M> knota OQ the dntdar, tho accond day 634 knot ...

19515. Radio Digest Oct 1923 - Jul 1924

... . Medford Hillside. Mass. "" sn.. Noon day niusicale; 3*0 p. m., Amraa s nomeni Clut> Program: "Hospitality Talk," Mariorle Drew; DtacripUre musical. CbJeXerlng & Sons <•■-. 7:00, Anirad. WGI will celebrate Christmas by In Filing sodjb of the old original broadcasters back U> en- W6R. Buffalo. N. Y. (Eastern. 319). 9*0 p. 01 ...

19516. New York Clipper November 1914

... —Werner- inwros Tronpe^—' "Neptune's Garden"—Roach A McCurdy—Ed. Morton. CHARLESTON, B. O.—-VICTORIA. First half: dark ft McCnlkmcb—Doris Wilson A Co. Last half: May Ellen—AJas A Emily—Orsig A Williams. CLEVBaUAND—KHITTTS: Willie Bros.—VamH- noff A Louie—Wm. Thomruon A Oo.—Leonard A Russell—Holme's Travelettes. 0DLTJMBTJ8, O.—KEITH'S: Caradlnl's Animals— Meyakos Trio—Phillips A White—Masher, Hayes A Moshex ...

19517. New York Clipper November 1914


19518. New York Clipper November 1914

... and too upholding of salaries. Officers will be elected. Meeting at 11.45 P. M. Fri- day, 27. ♦ ■» COBURN GREATER MINSTRELS. The program includes: Lester Lucas, Charley Clano, Nirkodemus Glynn, Charles Vermont, Tom Post, Wynn Davis, Carl Hell- man, Joe Htirk, Danny London, Archie Mil- ton. Joseph Mngulre, Willlsm Church, Jutta McCarthy, and Prof. G. H. Mackey's Or- cho.itia. ♦ « a. KBBNEY OPENS NEW ...

19519. New York Clipper September 1914

... .)—This theatre owned Its doors 0. wltlh "The Under Dog," which scored a his; hit and played to excellent business. Col. Taylor lion bad the theatre re- decorated and painted, und It looks Terr bright sn.l new. "One Day" week of 13 ...

19520. New York Clipper September 1914

... flushes pulls snd throws her about the stage for he "rag doll" finale. Her performance In re- semblance to a "bunch of rags" Is sbove the avenue, and finishes the turn up In great style. Each possess strong personality, the woman makes a change >f towns, hut the man slicks to a dull colored business suit. A darker shade of uistorlal (Hue) would look better. Good two-a- day entertalnears. Sixteen minutes ...