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19511. New York Clipper August 1905

... ., nnd will he seen In "The • ielsha." booked to open Aug. 0. Last week, "The Wedding Day/' with Mny Burton as Lucille de Necrblay, Delia Nevlns as Mme. de Montbnzon, and Clara Palmer as Ruse Marie, with nil the other roles well filled, enjoyed a week of prosperity ...

19512. New York Clipper August 1905

... large chorus. Louise Sandford has Joined "When Reu- ben-Comes to Town." and has made n hit. De Woi.f HnrPER and Nella Bergen, his wife, are to be seen dally la their automobile,. n recent purchase of the big comedian. -Mrs. anna Stokes and her daughter, Doris, have returned from their European trip In good health arid spirits. Aunt Louisa l» to recite "The Star Span- ?led Bonner" to tbe soldiers ...

19513. New York Clipper May 1905

... , and his unfitness, nnd""hc"reslKnsufiftES"' Doris. Mr. Orlenoff gave « most Ivhl 1 "' ng of the 'ftur, showing Ids" k^rtSft his weakness lu a manner which 5fi£ deeiMist sympathy for Ihe unfor nil u" '^ . arch. Ills pntitom me Is exeeiie,, ''L^? mlcnlarly lightning transitions tnm „■ lliir il * a capable roclty, and then to apologetic nlcidlne «• JSSSr*! K"!**"?* »r ...

19514. New York Clipper February 1905

... . i i Holioken.^—Moderate business 1ms been the rtile. , . -.,.. Ltiitc (H. P. Soulier, manager).—"A C-lrl or the Streets" r.-8. "New York nay by Day It 11. the Llllputlans 12 K., Nellie McIIerry la-la. . KsriH I A, M. ItrugiieUKiii. proprlelor).-- Blll week of K: Mr. and Mrs. Charles T ...

19515. New York Clipper September 1904

... for laat Spring. While around Phila- delphia wo had u grant number of visitors. Mr. Hope, the nulmul man; Mr. Doris and Georgo Kurlavagn, proprietor of the Hotel Hurley, with un automobile party spent tho day wllh us ut Media, Pa. Our season will continue up to Christmas. We uru working. South, and will spend the Winter there, theu work back over the same route next season. A inenugorle of ten ...

19516. New York Clipper July 1904

... ), Young's Pier, Atlantic Oily, N. J.. July 1110. Miitiilrv Cltytiimrtet, Brighton Beach, N. Y„ July 11-10. Kuinlni Ooiuedr lrttur, Lyceum, Lung Branch, N. J., July 11-10. lii.wwtii, Doris, Proctor's, Newark, N. J., July 11-10 ...

19517. New York Clipper January 1904

... . T. City Hall. Same day, evening, social dinner at the residence of Prof, Isaac L. Rice, April 16. to be guests at annual dinner of the Manhattan C. C. 17, reception at the Cos- mopolitan C. Cm of N. T. 18, reception at the Brooklyn C ...

19518. New York Clipper August 1903

... —Phila- delphia, I'a., Aug. 24-21), N. Y. City 31- Hept. C. "On, Circus Day," Western, I'razco A Mar- tin's ('I* K. l'ond, nigr.l—Lancaster, Wis., Aug. 2H, Uoswbel 28. I'ritlrlc du Chlen 2(1, Uultellburg, In., 30, Crcscu 31, New Hamp- ton, Sept ...

19519. New York Clipper Feb 1896


19520. New York Clipper Feb 1896

... «j», ■ndu tbe homo waa p«>ked to replellon on Mon- day, Feb. IT,» conUonallon of pioaperilyto inore than likely to remit from ihli week'-neinni. wiu 11, Foi, Ibo clever manlpnlator ot tho piano, »od truly BonioroiuBonologiiUi,UtbefeainreotlheWll, and he rtndlly iiiaulled himielf In tbe good graeca ot hla old frlcnda and capllvnied new comeia. ra'Si's:i';m*s EiroarAr'^aN-;; I .;o:~Bva«^ pi5s.M.r.vTn»"ii'!,^dra'n*s I ?.i^if^.ii^"jr-A"^'K.^:.u^s'cd ...