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19521. Variety Oct 1931

... . Paul Kemp Is good as usuftl In a comedy role. Miss Horn her- splf Is pretty and looks convincing as the Insrenue. which la enough. I ^ 11m la above average >8 that it Is unaffected, seems slm- ■■ Footage, lasting IIB ihitiutcs on the opening day, was cut overnight and is how only about 106 minutes ...

19522. Variety Jul 1931

... . would :-; have to ,ngjvt . because: of the; lan- ' ^..'guag© dilliculty', /.but. ,evert' at' -that Doris EUihgsori's; voice ;would prob- - > ibly put;the tuxn over; At tlie^Pal- atic Satitrday afternoon s;he,>vas the' : «niy one; on the entire bill ...

19523. Variety Jul 1928

... . Rhapsody in Silk Jack Wilson H L ..Miller Palaco (16) Jazz Boat Rev (9) Diehls & McDon'ld B Sc J Krown Bobblo Johnstone _^^^^Van^£iellOv^;.Mary^ .Sandy Douglas Co ■Joe Phillips Co CIJ5VKI.AN1). O. lOStli St. Ist half (lC-18) Any Family Foy Family Ocrbor's Itev Valencia Alice Day Co 2d half ...

19524. Variety Oct 1926

... ) Josephine Lennart Floyd Chrlatle Questions Variety (Two to nlll XBWBUGH. M. " Academy id half (14-17) Bob Hall Will Aubrey Carney A Pierce (One to Sll) MXW OX'MS. LA Palace Day A Maxlne Gardners Champ'ns Denno 81s A T Carter's Kom'disns Le Rody Jordan NIAGARA FALL DelleTlew 2d half (14-17 ...

19525. Variety Sep 1926


19526. Variety Aug 1926

... 'Boston, Baston 12-13, Delancey St. N t C 1 Gilbert A Avey. Orp. St Pam. Coulter A Rose, 9. BIJou, Birmingham I GI\lMrt. A French, Vl'c Pa^, -Lopdon. Ens Country Club GlrU. Hip, Baltl^pre Gllfoyle A I.aag. .B'dway, NYC Courting Day*.-Cap. Windsor; ^IL Pal. I Gilbert. Billy. Lafayette S<;. Buffato Indianapolis GInUr Oirls. U^IA, Pal. Ft Wayne Covey, Arthur, Orp. Denver I Gladiators, The, Vic t*al. London ...

19527. Variety February 1926

... (7arr.llo Webb g Hall UAL Ui.k'tta 2J ha;r (4-7) Phil Co. k Paramount t (Oliieru to nil) NEW OBL'N8, LA. Cr«se«ot (L> (1) r.iMjk A hector Walsh Day A W Frank Dix.>n A Co Bert Walton Welder Sis Rev Keith's (fZ ...

19528. Radio Digest 1925-1926

... . WOC, Davenport, Iowa (483.6), 12:15-12:25 p. m., farm school; "Loguino Day—Clovers, Clovers, Clovers —Which One Shall We Uso?" 3-3:30, home manage- ment schedule. Aunt Jane; 5:45-6, chime concert: 0:30-0:50, Sandman's bedtime stories ...

19529. Variety April 1924

... . The florists around town must have had to put on extra help Mon- day, judging by the flock of bouquets handed over the footlights. Gertrude Vanderbilt received 10 floral tokens, more or less, and when she took her final bows the Palace stage looked like a busy day at Warendorff's Miss Vanderbilt is offering a new skit by Edgar Allen Woolf ...

19530. Radio Digest Oct 1923 - Jul 1924

... . MedlonJ Hillside. Mass. (EUteri I' Opera "Martha" from KYW, January 26 girls ewvpn. The i iihtrry hint. it day Llonoll aeea Larly .__ she Is hi. Martha. In the dltTorviivo In rank, ho asl '" Sill' .ill III.' lnl!,l. ■ . r„i (, U ...