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19521. New York Clipper Mar 1895


19522. New York Clipper Oct 1895

... . having a lay ug one day hiu wr«k. ran over fnini ClKveland audiwld una vlall. Ho will JMuni after thoTpinple t:np neitoi. Wo are IlilnHliicIng liovrlllraaleiich perfonuHuci', Hiid onr H|iei-laliln gnwlih a hurrah that In pleaalug ...

19523. New York Clipper Apr 1895

... opera prouuctlotia aod UiepTeaenUtlonsofMw Roseell. KesiweekChaun. cer OIcotL JUnut onni Hocai.-Archle Boyd, whose home la In this cliy. la preieoilnR *The Couniry 6qulre" this wesk. Last week Bifle Ellslerdld a good bi)«loeu with "Doris" aud '. Ilszel KLrke." The latter waa produced niatlnoe and night of3 only, and iomoswI all of Its old tbne drawing powera. Neit voek, Eara Kendall. llAVU.fa ...