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1. Variety December 1905

... . In the first place, I should never have 1 een asked to write ahout vaude- ville, hecause, for cue thing. I know very little ahout it nowadays, and, for an- other. I have got a grudge against, it. Vaudeville has robbed me of too many happy hours in the variety theatres to ever expect a hoom from me ...

2. Variety January 1906

... ■V. VARIETY. GRACE VON 8TUDDIF0RD GONE. ' Grace Von Studdiford, the comic opera prima donna, who approached several managers with an offer to go into vaude ville, left for Berlin Thursday morning on the Kaiser William der Grosse ...

3. Variety March 1906

... VARIETY DUNDY STOOD BY THOMPSON. The disruption in the Hippodrome man- agement has not occurred since Fred Thompson's return from London, for the simple reason that Elmer Dundy declined to throw his partner, Fred Thompson, even at ...

4. Variety April 1906

... VARIETY WILLIAMS HAS METROPOLIS. Percy Williams announces that he has an unnamed site in the Bronx on which he pur|>oses to build a theatre. Rumor has it that the house is already built, that manager having secured the Metrop- olis. At any rate Mr ...

5. Variety May 1906

... VARIETY EXCITEMENT IN CHICAGO. Chicago, May 3. This has been a busy vaudeville week, caused, mainly through the appearance of William Morris, the New York agent, on Monday last. Mr. Muiris was called here by a num- ber of managers, and on Tuesday after- noon at the Auditorium Hotel met twenty- five of them by appointment ...

6. Variety June 1906

... VARIETY THE SITUATION. There lias been no material change in the vaudeville situation from one week ago as far as the managers are concerned. The Morris office and the Keith Agency- have neither decreased nor increased their bookings ...

7. Variety July 1906

... !7^'j.r VARIETY MORRIS WILL BOOK FOR RYAN. Koiir of i]w lar^«'r Iu)ii«<>h on the hitri national J'Jieatro ''onipany's circuit, con- trolled by .lolm .1. Kyan, will Ixxtk the Ix ...

8. Variety August 1908


9. Variety 9/1/06

... VARIETY THOMPSON & DUNDY'S TENT SHOWS. Thompson & Dundy, the present man- agers of Luna Park at Coney Island, are planning to send out three or four tent shows next season carrying spectacular productions similar to those produced un- der their ...

10. Variety 10/1/06

... VARIETY MORRIS* STORM OF THEATRES. (t is not without the bounds of reason to expect that within a short time Will iain Morris, the vaudeville agent, acting for himself and interests behind him, will ...

11. Variety 11/1/06

... VARIETY RYAN IN INDIANAPOLIS. Cincinnati, Nov. 2. John J. Ryan and associates have suc- ceeded in securing the theatre now being built in Indianapolis, which has one of the best sites in the city, located on Wash- ington avenue opposite Taggart's Hotel ...

12. Variety Decemeber 1906

... VARIETY BUTLER'S PROPOSITION. Although Col. James J. Butler, presi- dent of the Empire Circuit (Western Bur- lesque Wheel), declined to give the details of the conference held between himself and Richard Hyde, of Hyde ...

13. Variety January 1907


14. Variety February 1907

... VARIETY STRIKE IN LONDON STILL ON Settlement Looked For — English Managers Combine—Arbitration Expected London, Jan. 31. The st i ike of the music hall artists and workers against Managers Payne, and Gib- bons has gone steadily onward for the past week ...

15. Variety March 1907

... a VARIETY K. &. E. SIGNING^ CONTRACTS Will Open Four Houses in April — William Morris Exclusive Agent On Thursday, after the printed forma of the contract gotten out by William Mor- is arrived in his office, about fifteen were filled out and signed by the artists and Klaw & Erlanger ...

16. Variety April 1907

... VARIETY HYDE & BEHMAN LEASE HOUSE TO K. & E. / Turn Over the Grand Opera House, Brooklyn, and May Let the "Syndicate" Have Other Theatres On Thursday the announcement was given out by Klaw & Erlanger that they had obtained by lease from Hyde ...

17. Variety May 1907

... VARIETY AS M ANY AS U NITED Klaw A Erlanger Intend Having House for House With Their Opposition "Klaw & Erlanger will have a vaudeville house to count for every theatre operated by the United Booking Offices" is the way the coming competition to the United was described by a person closely connected ...

18. Variety June 1907

... VARIETY UNITED STILL WORKING ON LE GITIMAT E SCHEME Papers Have Been Drawn For the Incorporation of] a Company to Promote Legitimate Theatricals. Though no information could be ob- tained at the United Booking Offices this week relative to the scheme now in process of development for the acquiring of theatres throughout the country where ...

19. Variety July 1907

... VARIETY ~ — r_ i ~ r BECK SAILS FOR EUROPE. Last Tuesday morning on the Kaiser Wilhehu Martin Seek, general manager of the Orpheum Circuit, sailed for Europe, '-• wnjere he will meet Percy 6. Williams*and Morris Meyerfeld, Jr ...

20. Variety August 1907

... VARIETY ■> * ■ m — w- ,-a "! KLAW & ERLANGEk S PLA N OF ORG ANIZATION. Development of the System Under Which the "Advanced Vaudeville" Circuit will be Operated Rapidly Assuming Shape. Managers Engaged. Tho plan of Klaw ...