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1. Broadcasting Jul-Dec 1938

... this fall for an institutional campaign built around the slogan, "Movies Are Your Best Entertainment". Full- page copy will be run in every daily newspaper in the country, except in those few towns which have no motion picture houses, be- ginning Sept. 1 ...

2. Broadcasting Jul-Dec 1938

... . In a cover- ing letter, NAB will explain that the data is sought in an effort to develop a broad industry policy in the handling of matters with the motion picture industry. The sur- vey was undertaken after Ed Kirby, NAB public relations di- rector, had written Howard Dietz, chairman of the "Movies Are Your Best Entertainment" campaign questioning its action in ...

3. Broadcasting Jul-Dec 1938

... . 30 on behalf of the broadcasting industry by Ed Kirby, NAB public relations director, z In a letter to Howard Deitz, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer official and chairman of the "Movies Are Your Best Entertainment" campaign, Mr. Kirby questioned the logic of the Deitz statement outlining rea- sons why the motion picture cam- paign was restricted to printed media ...

4. Broadcasting Jan-Mar 1956

... . Toward the end of Inside Beverly Hills James Stewart and his family were shown leaving their home en route to attend the cinema. In an obviously rehearsed plug, Mr. Stewart said: "Movies are your best entertainment ...