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1. Variety December 1952

... must indeed be your best entertainment. - a •.«v - • ’ • ...

2. Variety September 1952


3. Variety June 1950
... . It' looked for a while as if the a moralists, who argue that motion nictures mav be your best entertainment, blit, have no effect otherwise; for gobd or evil, 1had a dreadful point in their favor in “The Men.” A picture that might well melt incumbent officeholders into human be- ings, especially in ...

4. Variety Apr 1948

... . Because of the general pre- dilection towards panning Holly- wood and Hollywood product that's arisen recently, it's not enough any more to sell the industry on a gen- eral basis, such as the "Movies Are Your Best Entertainment" slogan used some years ago ...

5. Variety Sep 1940

... . The 'Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment* campaign of 1938 was a . step in this direction. The fact that it was less successful than its sponsors probably expected should not discourage further move- ments in the direction of general audience participation ...

6. Variety Mar 1939
... . The only trouble with playing a Temple picture is that after it leaves your house looks like the grandstand of a baseball field in winter. Aggie was telling me that when' she visited a friend of ours at the local hospital she saw a poster hanging up in the Maternity Ward saying 'Moving pictures are your best entertainment' The guy that ...

7. Variety Mar 1939

... ^ must have smartness —a fast pace—and originality. If they try to throw vaudeville at them agaln^-as It used. to. be—whether they call It vaudeville or 'Joe Doakes and His. Hollywood Cut-ups,*' then Via afraid motion pictures wUl con- tinue to be "your best entertainment' I real ...

8. Variety Jan 1939

... (no less than 109 in '37-38 running under 67 minutes), reissues had not helped much, and very definite resistance to rentals for the new season was being felt. The alarm created among the distributors no doubt justified the 'Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment' idea, even if the average theatre operator thinks it has been worth much less to him than ...

9. Variety Nov 1938

... Best Entertainment' campaign. He said that such elements as the depression, beat wave and loose talk by several executives, ais well as in- ternal dissension within the industry, had caused 135,000,000 people to wonder what was wrong, as well as having an influence on production brains—'such as they may be*. Schaefer continued that the pix executives had built up the finest campaign that the industry ...

10. Variety Nov 1938

... . be New York and prob- able that the RiVoli will get 'Island' in'line with pre-release plansi Spe- cial exploiteers wilt be .put on to cover the six.-testing engagements. Have You ah Aspirin? Judges who will make final awards of prizes in the Movie Quiz contest being conducted by Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment, Inc ...