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1. Showmen's Trade Review Jan-Mar 1941

... . stricted in its musical efforts, movies are your best entertainment. "Our efforts this next year will be toward even greater service and entertainment value." Among the features of Birthday Week were free roses to the ladies, a free bed-room suite and a free car to lucky patrons. This month (March ...

2. Showmen's Trade Review Apr-Jun 1941

... : They all got together and sold women on smoking-and our industry obligingly cooperated by having our actresses smoke in scenes of countless photoplays. There wasn't a thing wrong with the campaign "Movies Are Your Best Entertainment," except that somebody saw a quick way to get their money back by tacking a contest onto the idea ...

3. Showmen's Trade Review Jan-Mar 1942

... . "You are conservative in your entertain- ment by attending the Orpheum. And re- member that you are helping the Defense Program because of the Defense Tax that is paid on every admission. "Remember, too, that Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment and your most economical form of relaxation ...

4. Showmen's Trade Review Jan-Mar 1943

... ! Aioney spent on good entertainment is well invested. It pays big dividends in mental health and happiness. Movies are your best entertainment. "When you feel tired, fagged out, upset, over- worked ... a good movie show will snap you out of it in a jiffy ...

5. Showmen's Trade Review Jul-Sep 1944

... : "Now, more than ever, movies are your best entertainment—the constant strain that these hectic war days bring is felt by every member of the family from Granddad right down to Junior and Sis. Your daily paper carries scream- ing headlines in every edition, some of them de- pressing, others bringing cheering news of vic- tories achieved against our enemies ...

6. Showmen's Trade Review Jul-Sep 1945

... . Therefore, don't let down your best-entertainment manner. It's a cinch that with a mediocre attraction you stand less chance of good bus'ness than you will if you choose your program with care. Book an all-around good show and advertife it heavily. Ur9 ...

7. Showmen's Trade Review Oct-Dec 1949

... ." On the theatre's monthly advertising calen- dars delivered in Belleville and vicinity, For- han is giving prominence to the line: "Movies Are Your Best Entertainment . . . "A LOT FOR A LITTLE." "With so much competition reaching for the elusive dollar," explains the Canadian show- man, "I thought it advisable to introduce and keep driving home this slogan ...