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1. Broadcasting Oct-Dec 1954

... . Malcolm J. Goldie, general manager, labora- tories div., Van Camp Sea Food Co. (Chicken of the Sea Tuna), Terminal Island, Calif., ap- pointed sales and advertising director; Clarence J. Harris, sales promotion manager, appointed sales manager. E. W ...

2. Radio Digest Oct 1923 - Jul 1924


3. New York Clipper September 1917

... . "The Little Samaritan" is the latest Erbograph picture, the story of which was written by the Rev. Clarence J. Harris. Raymond B. West, formerly of the Tri- angle Producing Company forces, has joined the directorial staff of the Paralta organization ...

4. Moving Picture World 1 Sep 1917 - 29 Sep 1917

... . THE five-part Erbograph comedy-drama "The Little Samari- tan", released on the Art Dramas program, is an Inter- esting story of church life in a small town. The story was written by the Reverend Clarence J. Harris ...

5. Moving Picture World 1 Sep 1917 - 29 Sep 1917

... . Blache and di- rected by him. This was followed by "The Little Samaritan," a much-heralded play which will, according to those in au- thority, live up to its advance notices, if not surpass them. With Marian Swayne as star, Joseph Lovering as director, and Reverend Clarence J ...

6. Moving Picture World 4 Aug 1917 - 25 Aug 1917

... . Marian Swayne, who has won thousands of admirers for her work in her previous Art Dramas, "Little Miss For- tune" and "The Road Between," is starred. The story of "The Little Samaritan" was written by the Reverend Clarence J ...

7. Moving Picture World 4 Aug 1917 - 25 Aug 1917

... ." The last foot of film rolled through the camera a few days aero in the making of the new Mary Pickford-Artcraft release "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm." Taking into account the star ANOTHER HARRIS STORY FOR MARIAN SWAYNE. Announcement came from the Erbograph Company this week that a story by the Rev. Clarence J. Harris had been selected as the next vehicle in which Marian Swayne will be starred ...

8. Motion Picture News Jul-Aug 1917

... . Ben Turpin and Slim Summerville are supporting Polly in this play- Church Built in Erbograph Studio for Pastor's Play A church was erected in the Erbograph studio as a setting for several scenes in " The Little Samaritan," play written by Rev. Clarence J ...

9. Motion Picture News Jul-Aug 1917

... each week, known as Conquest day. Preacher's Script Used for Marian Swayne Play Rev. Clarence J. Harris, minister and scenario writer, is author of the Erbograph play in which Marian Swayne is next to be starred, on Art Dramas program ...

10. Motion Picture News Jul-Aug 1917

... . Clarence J. Harris, pastor of the Unity Church, Yonkers, N. Y., wrote: " The Little Samaritan," Erbograph-Art Drama for early release. The plot is laid in a clerical atmosphere, but the church members practise hypocrisy, avarice, selfishness and injustice, using their religion as the minister writes " as a cloak to hide their sins—not as an armor." Little ...