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... Timely Topics M otion pictures are your best entertainment. ... To those of us concerned with the making of motion pictures, that phrase ought to be more than just the catchy slogan of a nation-wide campaign to make the public more picture conscious ...

2. Boxoffice Oct-Dec 1940

... , don’t forget, try to make the public believe that “Motion pictures are your best entertainment” by way of SRO business everywhere! William Haggins, usher at the Loew’s- Poli. has been upped to assistant chief of service at that theatre, succeeding Sid- ney S ...

3. Motion Picture Herald Mar-Apr 1940

... . Franklin, former financial director of the "Mo- tion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment" drive, is a principal of the producing company. Webb Signs Dog Harry Webb, who has produced, for Metro- politan Pictures, the last of a series of eight pictures with Bob Steele, "Pinto Canyon," last week signed Rin Tin Tin, Jr ...

4. Motion Picture Herald Mar-Apr 1940

... ! CHARIES IAUCHTON VIVIEN LEIGH Winner of the Academy Award fn her performance as Scarlett O Hara i •■Gone With The Wind." OF LONDON WOMETCO THEATRES ARE YOUR BEST ENTERTAINMENT Rebecca LAURENCE OLIVIER ■ JOAN FONTAINE (Above) The "together" angle selected by Jim Nairn, for top selling of "Sidewalks" at the Up- town, Toronto, was hooked up by the star head blowups ...

5. Motion Picture Daily Apr-Jun 1940

... . Expressing his own opinion, he said, "I abhor duals." He de- scribed the use of giveaways as "dis- graceful," but defended their use. Citing the value of the 1938 cam- paign stressing the slogan, "Motion pictures are your best entertainment," Skouras suggested the establishment of a committee of advertising depart- ment heads to ...

6. The Exhibitor Jun-Nov 1940

... week’s meeting of AMPA at Jack Dempsey’s Restaurant. Other depressions cure suggestions made by Skouras were another campaign simi¬ lar to “Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment” and inter-company co¬ operation in exploiting worthwhile pic¬ tures ...

7. Variety Sep 1940

... . The 'Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment* campaign of 1938 was a . step in this direction. The fact that it was less successful than its sponsors probably expected should not discourage further move- ments in the direction of general audience participation ...

8. Motion Picture Herald Sep-Oct 1940

... ; • , - ? , am mm mm mm Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment I Guid NOW PLAYING AT THE COURT SQUARE TH EATRE, ENDS SAT. A KING OF BUCCANEERS! AN UNTAMED BEAUTY! OnTheStageOfTheNewtonTheatrelnPersonOneDayWed.July24 Igttlt Gtl 4ni C

9. Showmen's Trade Review Jan-Mar 1941

... . stricted in its musical efforts, movies are your best entertainment. "Our efforts this next year will be toward even greater service and entertainment value." Among the features of Birthday Week were free roses to the ladies, a free bed-room suite and a free car to lucky patrons. This month (March ...

10. Showmen's Trade Review Apr-Jun 1941

... : They all got together and sold women on smoking-and our industry obligingly cooperated by having our actresses smoke in scenes of countless photoplays. There wasn't a thing wrong with the campaign "Movies Are Your Best Entertainment," except that somebody saw a quick way to get their money back by tacking a contest onto the idea ...