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1. Heinl Radio Business Letter 1939:Jul-Dec

... . He nees no need at this time for the promulgation of any iron-clad rules governing news broad¬ casting and comments on the war. xxxxxxxxx FCC TO PROBE BAR ON ANTI-COUGHLIN SPEECH An investigation of the refusal of Station WJR, Detroit, to broadcast a speech by the Rev. Walton E ...

2. Variety Sep 1939

... . Coughlin him- self is a former Canadian. cancelled was the .series of WMkly broadcasts by Rev. Walton E. Cole, sponsored by the Unitarian Fellowship (or Social Justice, who look his anti-Coughlan speeches to CKLW two weeks aao after WJR here had refused to air his 'personal'. atUick ...

3. Broadcasting Jul-Dec 1941

... . The sys- tem was adopted when the former moderator of the hall. Dr. Walton E. Cole, moved to Boston. The station broadcasts a quarter-hour program from the Town Hall luncheons im- mediately following the talks ...

4. Broadcasting Jul-Dec 1939

... . Koplovitz, Ben Cohen, high ranking New Deal attorney, and former TVA associates. Fly Quietly As sumesFCC Chairmanship; Starts Inquiry Into Problems of War FCC Investigates Rev. Cole Charge Looks Into Claims That WJR And WJAS Refused Time INVESTIGATION to ascertain whether WJR, Detroit, "is operat- ing in the public interest, conveni- ence and necessity" growing out of a complaint by Rev. Walton E ...

5. Variety Sep 1939

... Wednesday (30) by Rev. Walton E. Cole, minister of the Unitarian Church, Toledo, and spon- sored as first of series by the Uni- tarian Fellowship for Social Justice, founded in 1908. WJR officials an- nounced only that the talk contained 'an attack on Father Coughlin' and it 'is entirely out of accord with pol- icies of WJR.' Despite the short notice, the Rev. Cole gave his talk on schedule, over CKLW and ...

6. Variety Oct 1939

... . Walton E, Cole, who com- plained to F.C.C. recently after WJR refused to air his 'anti-Coughlin' speech, hailed N.A.B. action as 'eminently fair.' He .said he In- tended to continue his broadcasts throughout the country 'along non controversial subjects with 'Preserve the ...

7. Broadcasting Jul-Dec 1939

... . Walton E. Cole, Unitarian Minister of Toledo, who has purchased time to answer Father Coughlin, the situation of the Detroit priest predominated. Technically, several attorneys held the view that under the strict terms of the code, it was possible to continue the Coughlin broad- casts for another year, or until all existing contracts expire ...

8. Broadcasting Jul-Dec 1939

... . The rulings auto- matically became applicable to such figures as Dr. J. F. Rutherford of Jehovah's Witnesses and The Rev. Walton E. Cole, Unitarian minister of Toledo, who had purchased time on stations to answer Dr ...