Projection Apparatus (1917)

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Preface H E position of optical projection in education, as well as for general entertainment purposes, has become thoroughly established. Its value in both advanced and elementary work is now so widely recognized that the institution is not considered fully equipped, which does not possess enough high grade projection outfits to meet the varying needs of its different departments. At the same time the projection lantern is more popular than ever before in the church, Y. M. C. A., lodge and home. Its usefulness in all of these fields has increased with the practical development of its different forms and applications. That we have played a leading role in this development is evidenced by the Grand Prix awarded our line of projection apparatus, for excellence of construction and originality of design, at the Panama-Pacific Exposition. The trade name “ Balopticon”, by which we designate our lanterns, is a word in common use among those interested in the highest grade projection apparatus. The prefix, “Bal”, is derived from the Greek verb, “ballein”, meaning to throw or project. Incidentally it contains the initials of our company and is rightfully used only by us. This new edition of our projection catalog we believe to be the most complete ever published, for in it we present what we consider the most comprehensive pro- jection line ever placed on the market. The user of projection apparatus will also find in the following pages much information of interest and value regarding the various possibilities and applications of optical projection. Special attention is called to the following noteworthy features: New, Simplified, Double Dissolving Balopticon, Improvements in Projection of Opaque Objects, Especially with Alternating Current, Application of Gas-Filled Mazda Lamps, Improvements in Microscopical Projection, New Balo Projection Lenses, Projection of the Spectrum, Convertible Balopticon for All Known Forms of Projection, New Combined Balopticon with 1000-Watt Mazda Lamp, Home Balopticon for Opaque Objects and Lantern Slides, Balopticon for Large Opaque Objects. Back of our projection apparatus, as all of our products, are more than sixty years of scientific and productive experience as optical manufacturers. The differ- ent instruments offered are results of the combined efforts of our Scientific and Technical Bureaus, working frequently in co-operation with the users of such apparatus, whose suggestions are always given serious attention. In the actual manufacture of our projection apparatus we enjoy the advantage of producing practically all parts—mechanical as well as optical—in our own works. This enables us not only to assure the effective co-ordination of the different parts, but to give all of our Balopticons and accessories the unqualified guarantee which our name conveys. BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO.