Projection Apparatus (1917)

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Terms W HEN ordering from this catalog please give catalog number, the name of article and size (when necessary). For telegraph orders use code words. Our prices are f. o. b. Rochester, N. Y. Transportation on goods sent on memorandum, or for examination, is at the expense of the customer. Satisfactory references are required to open accounts, otherwise remittances in cash, postal orders, or New York or Chicago current funds should accompany the order. If local check is more convenient, /-6 of 1% (on amounts less than $100.00, 10c) should be added to cover bank exchange. Goods sent on approval and returned in damaged condition will be repaired at the customer’s expense. Goods made on special order will not be sent C. O. D. nor on memorandum. Goods returned for any reason should be plainly tagged with the sender’s name and address. Goods ordered to be sent by mail are at purchaser’s risk and expense. Postage should be forwarded with cash orders, otherwise we shall ship express collect. No charge is made for packing. Unless otherwise specified we shall use our best judgment in the mode of shipping, prepaying transportation if desired. Our responsibility ceases when we have delivered the package to the common carriers and have received their receipt. All claims for breakage should be reported to the transportation companies at once. Please examine all packing minutely for small items. We exercise the utmost care in manufacturing and packing; in case faulty goods inadvertently reach our customers, we shall feel under obligation if our attention is called thereto. The prices in this catalog are subject to change without notice. BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO.