Projection Apparatus (1917)

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Bausch & Lomb Op tical Company Specifications Base— Consists of metal feet on bottom of lamp house and front metal standard of one piece with front board, the whole carried on sliding rods; front standard- provided with elevating device for tilting instrument as desired. Lamp House— Two styles, small and large, both of sheet metal, fitted with our special, patent, light-tight ventilator and provided with two observation windows; small style measures 6/4 in. long, 11 in. high and 6 in. wide, asbes- tos lined; large style measures 13/4 in. long, 14 in. high and 7/4 in. wide, lio-ht-tight, constructed of double walls with air space between and provided with large light-tight door on the side— conforms to most rigorous re- quirements of Boards of Underwriters. Illuminant— Hand-feed arc lamp for direct or alternating current with adapters for small carbons, gas-fi'lled Mazda lamp, acetylene or oxhydrogen burner. Condensing System —Our regular double system in patent, ventilated mount; diameter, 4/4 in. * Slide Carrier— Our double carrier, No. 4430, with elevating device. Bellows — Mounted on metal frames which slide in metal ways, with extension sufficient for 18-inch focus lens. Projection Lens —Our Balo lens with rack and pinion adjustment. Dimensions —Length, extended, 27 in. without lens; height, 11 or 14 in. Weight —Alone, with small lamp house, 14 lbs.; in case, 24 lbs. Case— Regularly furnished only with small lamp house (see foot note under price list); of metal, neatly lacquered in black, measuring 22M x 12 x 7 in. and provided with carrying strap. *The quick-changing slide carrier, No. 4449, giving a dissolving effect may be substi- tuted for $1.50 extra. We can supply to order carriers for small slides, so that one may use either the standard slide or the special small size now being offered. With Arc Lamp A carrying case is not regularly supplied with the large lamp house. For those outfits we can supply one of lacquered metal for $2.50 additional. 30