Projection Apparatus (1917)

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Bausch & Lomb Optical Company With Mazda Lamp NOTE Any of the above outfits listed with the 400-watt Mazda lamp can be fitted with a 250-watt lamp if desired at a reduction in price of $2.00, and any of the outfits listed with the 1000 watt lamp can be fitted with the 500-watt lamp at a reduction in price of $5.00. If such substitution is to be made, specify definitely on order. For Mazda lamps on higher voltages we supply resistances (see “Accessories”). With Acetylene Burner With Oxyhydrogen Burner NOTE Any of the above outfits can be fitted with a Water Cell for $5.00 extra. Double Dissolving Equipments A double dissolving equipment can be made up by combining two of any of the above models and adding the iris dissolver. The price is twice that of the single equipment, plus the price of the dissolver. In ordering use the catalog number or code word of the outfit desired, preceded by the word “ Double 31