Projection Apparatus (1917)

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Bausch & Lomb Optical Company Special Portable Model G Outfits Figure 8—Special Portable Model C Balopticon CGT Mounted on Tripod. On account of its light weight and compactness and the ready interchange- ability of the different illuminants as required, the Model C is a favorite among institute and agricultural workers and traveling lecturers in general. As an aid to the convenient transportation of a complete outfit, we offer two styles of specially constructed carrying cases containing the complete equipment. The case shown in Figure 8 is of wood covered with leatheret and measures 29 Fz x 13/4 x 8FC inches. The cover is detachable and carries a metal plate to which the head of a camera tripod may be attached. This cover on a solid tripod forms a very convenient and substantial support for the lantern during operation. Space is provided in the case for a second type of illuminant and for a 10 cu. ft. acetylene gas tank, as well as for the tripod. The weight with two illuminants, tripod and tank is 40 pounds. The most compact outfit possible is illustrated in Figure 9. The case is of wood covered with leatheret and has hinged cover and metal corners. Space is provided for an extra illuminant, but not for tank or tripod. The case measures 21% x 12 x TA inches, and the complete outfit weighs only 22 pounds. 34