Projection Apparatus (1917)

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Bausch & Lomb Optical Company Double Dissolving Model C Balopticon with Moving Picture Attachment Figure 10 — Double Dissolving Model C Balopticon with Power’s No. 6a Mechanism This is an ideal outfit for Y. M. C. A., church, school or college auditoriums, affording unusually attractive possibilities for entertainment and educational purposes. It permits one to combine regular dissolving views in lecture work with moving pictures in a very pleasing manner, since it provides for instant interchange betv een the two. Unlike other equipments of this character now on the market, there is no shifting of the lower lamp house when one wishes to change from lantern slides to moving pictures, or vice versa. The two Balopticons are securely mounted on a substantial baseboard in the manner illustrated above. The lamp house of the lower Balopticon is mounted in connection with the moving picture mechanism. The lantern slide section of this Balopticon is placed under that of the upper lantern and alongside the moving picture attachment. The dark chamber in front of the lamp house on the lower Balopticon contains a movable mirror which directs the light into the lantern slide section when projecting dissolving views. The upper Balopticon, of course, is used only for lantern slide projection. The projection lenses of this lantern and of the lower lantern slide section are equipped with our iris diaphragm dissolver, which automatically closes the dia- phragm of the upper lens as the light is admitted to the lower, and vice versa. The 36