Instructive Optical Toys. Magic Lanterns, Dissolving View Apparati, Sciopticons, Cinematographs, Large collection of new slides in sets. Stereoscopes. Magnifying glasses, Reading glasses (1906)

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When we first started the manufacture of ]\/\.(l^lC L^dtltCKtlS wc made it a special point to use but the very best Optic. Owing to this principle which we have adhered to, even in the manufacture of our cheapest Lanterns our goods are to-day everywhere appreciated and well known all over the market Trade- Mark. By continual endeavours we have succeeded, that no Lantern of ours leaves the factory without being perfectly tested as to its correct optic, and the pictures produced are therefore distinct, clear and sufficiently large The selection Cinematographs which we offer to-day to our cus- tomers has been considerably increased by adding to same a series of new, cheaper lines, which are at the same time well finished and guaranteed to work properly. As regards the more expensive Cinematographs we beg to draw your attention to a special advantage viz., noiseless working combined with excellent re-production of Living Pictures. Our selection of Magic Lantern Slides has also again been enlarged, and your special attention is drawn to the sets of artistic pictures which were sketched and painted by a well known Artist. The section Stereoscopes has also been supplemented through a number of new Patterns, the finish of which is in every respect reliable and elegant, the greatest care being taken also regarding the Optic of these lines.