Instructive Optical Toys. Magic Lanterns, Dissolving View Apparati, Sciopticons, Cinematographs, Large collection of new slides in sets. Stereoscopes. Magnifying glasses, Reading glasses (1906)

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2 B 5 The latest Globe Magic Lantern “Bosco*’ “Improved Climax System” This lantern is made entirely from polished brass, and is fitted with a new mechanical disc turner, and practical arrange- ment for long slides. Mounted on polished wood board. These improvements which we offer are of great importance and show up our “Bosco” very advan- tageously from the different „ Climax” systems. The mechanical turner secures an even and easy movement for the discs, while the picture slot, for the long slides, is so arranged that it can be abjusted before the lense opening by a very slight pressure. The convenient form of this new lantern, and the extremely efficient construction of our lenses, to give large and bright projections, will at all times procure a favourable reception for the “Bosco” 1450 and 1460 Packing for 1450 “Bosco Packing for 1460 „Bosco Packed in extra strong card-board boxes, with 6 glass Slides, and 6 Discs. I45O/3V2 Glass slides l^/s in. wide, wood pictures l^/ie in. wide, discs 4 in. diam. (uncovered), lens l^/g in. diam., each 9/10 ” » r n Ti n » 1^8 y> n v n n n » n n 12/2 n MV2 n „ 13/4 „ „ „ „ 19 /ig „ „ „ 41/2,, ^ (covered) „ l^/ig „ „ „ 15/6 ” 55 n 2 „ „ „ „ 13/4 „ j, „ 6 „ „ „ „ 13/4 „ „ „ 21/6 Packed in fine strong wood box, with flap doors and handle, with 6 long glass Slides, 6 Discs. 2 comical moving pictures and 1 Chromatrope. 1460/31/2 Glass slides l^/g in. wide, wood pictures l^/jg in. vdde, discs 4 in. diam. (uncovered), lens l^/s in- diam., each 13/10 ” 5? n 1^16 n n n v n u n IV2 v v n n ^^8 n n n 16/8 5 > MV2 n V IV4 75 n 7. IV16 77 77 77 4V2?7 77 (covered) „ IV16 77 77 77 21 / — 55 77 (7 2 77 77 77 77 1^4 77 77 776^^ „ „ l^/^ „ „ „ 24/6 barge assorfmenf. of egfra Slides for Magic banferns see Section “banfern Slides”.