Instructive Optical Toys. Magic Lanterns, Dissolving View Apparati, Sciopticons, Cinematographs, Large collection of new slides in sets. Stereoscopes. Magnifying glasses, Reading glasses (1906)

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237 3200 11 3400/11 3200/11 Superfine Sciopticon "Minerva" polished Russian Iron with fine brass objective with achromatic front lens with cog wheel Condenser 4'/« in. diam., with intensifying petroleum lamp (duplejc burner) 24 fine, covered glass slides 6630/8i 2 , 1 Transporter 9060/1, 1 Chromatrope, 1 comical moving picture, 1 moving landscape C()iii])l('te each 9.5/ — 3400/11 Ejetrafine Sciopticon polished Russian Iron, with brass fittings and ejttrafine brass achromatic front lens with cog wheel. Condenser 4t/,s in. diam., with three burner Rmerican petroleum lamp, very intensifying, with 24 fine, covered glass slides 6630/8‘/2, 1 Transporter 9060/1, 1 Chromatrope, 1 comical moving picture and 1 movable landscape complete eacli 145/4 barge assortment of Extra Slides for Magic banterns see section “bantern Slides”.