The New York Clipper (May 1917)

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May 23, 1917 THE NEW YORK CLIPPER 35 H ma Jim Odd 0H Dd30 nun asm BE se ! Exhibitors—This Is A Box Office Magnet HAPvKY PvAPF ===== PRESENTS ——= FLOKENCE PvEED IN THE SENSATIONAL BROADWAY SUCCESS U 44 TO-DAY » By George Broadhurst and Abraham Schomer SUPPORTED BY Frank Mills and an all star cast including Lenore Harris, Gus Weinberg, Alice Gale and Kate Lester DIRECTED BY KALPH W. INCE I 5 I 0 D 0 I PRODUCED BY TO-DAY FEATURE FILM CORPORATION I564 B S° Y A £ WAY I D(a][c m m am GEO M.COHANS TUEATtt Broadway c ^-3Cir*r NOW PLAYI NG juiiu.r /fe^er prevjervT.r IT li REDEMPTION Produced Under the Direction of Julius Steger and Jos. A. Golden A WONDERFUL MORAL LESSON FEARLESSLY DRAWN FROM THE HEART OF A GREAT TRAGEDY Prices: Matinees, 25c. and 50c.; Nights, 25c to $1. For Information Apply Room 524. Longacre BIdg., New York City qTBl][I|[il!EEBlil3r!ffl Is FRANK J. I SENG presents^, Kr HOBART HENLEY'S Thought Him A MESSAGE With the advertising possibilities offered by play- ing up the vital truths considered in parentage— With such a compelling and" magnetic title, plus advertising helps that are different because they have sales punch instead of just "scenes"— Parentage is going to be a big money maker for every state right buyer— The advertising helps will sell it for him. IN SEVEN PARTS State Rights to Be Sold firctfil—Yet Clai.WWearae ui btertaiMg FRANK J. SEN6 Times Building New York