Newton's lantern slide catalogue (1920s)

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NEWTON & CO., Ltd., Lantern Slide Publishers. yWessrs. NEWTON desire to call attention to the following Notices :— LANTERN SLIDES SENT ON APPROVAL. Messrs. Newton will be glad to send any number of Slides on approval for purchase to Customers who may find themselves unable to attend * the Lantern Slide Gallery to make their own selections. Customers will be charged with the cost of Carriage only, but will be held responsible for the safety of the Slides until received back by Messrs. .Newton. CLASS LANTERN. Where electric current is available, there is now no difficulty with a Class Lantern, as special electric glow lamps are now available which will work off the ordinary house current, and can be switched on and off as easily as the ordinary electric bulb lamps. No attention whatever is needed, the slides merely require putting into the carrier in succession, and the current switching off at the end of the class. The price of a Lantern suitable for class work is very low, and the cost of maintenance nothing but the price of a new bulb when the old one is worked out. Prices can be quoted on request, but the exact amount depends on the voltage of current, size of room, etc. a- Where electric current is not available, the same Lantern can bo arranged to burn dissolved acetylene, which gives no trouble, mess, or smell, and after about 18 lectures of an hour each a “refill” only costs 6s. SALE OF SLIDES. Special Discounts are allowed to Educational Institutions. HIRE OF SLIDES. For terms and Conditions see page 234. Customers requiring Slides which are not in our Catalogue are requested to notify us of their needs, as we are fully alive to the incompleteness of our present lists and are constantly publishing new Sets. NOTE.—When ordering Slides the Telegraphic Code Letters should be quoted to avoid mistakes. Trade