Newton's lantern slide catalogue (1920s)

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NEWTON & CO., Ltd., 43, Museum Street, London, W.C.l. 155 NATURAL HISTORY TALKS. These illustrated Talks have been written with the purpose of arousing a more general interest in Natural History, and the Slides chosen well illustrate the interesting and instructive matter contained in the readings. It is our intention to publish other Lecture sets in this new Series of Natural History Talks, and it is hoped they will be welcomed by Schools and Colleges. BDL A WALK ROUND THE ZOO. LECTURE I. By F. Finn, F.Z.S. Coloured Slides, 65 . to Is. each. Plain Slides, 25., except where otherwise marked. Typewritten Lecture, 2s. 6 d., or can be loaned with the slides. 1 The Lion. 2 Lion and Lioness. 3 The Lion. 4 The Tiger. 5 Tiger at full length. 6 The Leopard. 7 The Striped Hyena. 8 The Wolf. 9 Indian Wolf. 10 The South African Black- backed Jackal. 11 The Fox. 2s. 6d. 12 Fox at Rabbit Hole. 13 The Arctic Fox. 14 The Badger. 2s. 6d. 15 The Badger. 2s. 6d. 16 The Otter. 2s. 6d. 17 The Polecat. 2s. 6d. 18 The Marten. 2s. 6d. 19 The Stoat. 2s. 6d. 20 The Weasel. 2s. 6d. 21 The Brown Bear. 22 Bear climbing a Pole. 23 Polar Bear. 24 Polar Bear leaving the water. 25 The Sea Lion. 26 The Seal. 27 The Indian Elephant. 28 Elephants at work. 29 The African Elephant. 30 The Hippopotamus. 31 The Rhinoceros. 32 The Giraffe. 33 The Reindeer. 34 The Bison. 35 The Buffalo. 30 The Camel. 37 The Two-humped Camel. 38 The Llama. 39 The Tapir. 40 The Zebra. 41 Grevy’s Zebra. 42 The Beaver. 43 The Porcupine. 44 The Chimpanzee. 45 The Orang Outang. 46 “ Dolce far niente.” 47 The Mandrill. 2s. 6d. 48 The Kangaroo. 49 The Griffon Vulture. 50 The Condor. 51 The Lammergeyer or Bearded Vulture. 52 The Secretary-Bird. 53 The Stork. ■ 54 The Marabout. 55 The Pelican. 56 The King Penguin. 57 The Ostrich. 58 The Rhea. 59 The Giant Tortoise. 60 The Boa Constrictor. 61 The Alligator. 62 The Crocodile. See page 157 for " A Walk round the Zoo,” Second Series. Also "A Visit to the Zoo,” with a printed Lecture, and a large number of additional ” Zoo ” pictures, including Slides of the Aquarium will be found on page 190. BEY “OUR REPTILES AND FAMILIAR FISHES” By F. Fisnsr, F.Z.S. LECTURE II. The Second Lecture in the series of Natural History Talks deals mainly with British Reptiles and our Common Fishes. Coloured Slides, 6 s. 64. each. Plain Slides, 2s. 64. each. Typewritten Lecture, 2s. 6 d., or can be loaned with the slides. 1 Common Lizard. 2 Sand Lizard. 3 Green Lizard. 4 Wall Lizard. 5 Slow worm. 6 Grass Snake. 7 Smooth Snake. 8 Adder. 9 Land Tortoise. 10 Water Tortoise. 11 Development of Frog. 12 Common Frog. 13 Edible Frog. 14 Common Toad. 15 Natterjack Toad. 16 Development of Newt. 17 Common or Smooth Newt. 18 Large or Warty Newt. 19 Palinated Newt. 20 Goldfish. 21 Carp. 22 Crucian Carp. 23 Roach 24 Gudgeon. 25 Loach. 26 Minnow. 27 Stickleback. 28 Pike. 29 Perch. 30 Bull-Headed. 31 Eel. 32 Trout. For additional Slides on Reptiles and Fishes, see Index.