Newton's lantern slide catalogue (1920s)

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156 NEWTON & CO., Ltd., Lantern Slide Publishers. B D M NATURAL HISTORY TALKS-(Continued). THE MIGRANTS; By F. Finn, F.Z.S. LECTURE III. Coloured Slides, 6s. to 7s. each. Plain Slides, 2s. to 2s. Qd. each. 1 Starling. 2 Red Grouse. 3 Ring-Ouzel. 4 Nightingale. 5 Redstart. 6 Wheatear. 7 Whinchat. 8 Whitethroat. 9 Lesser Whitethroat 10 Blackcap. 1Z Garden Warbler. 12 Wood Warbler. 13 Willow Warbler. 14 Chiffchaff. 15 Sedge-Warbler. B ES Typewritten Lecture, 2s. 6d., or can be 16 Reed Warbler. 17 Dartford Warbler. 18 Spotted Flycatcher. 19 Pied Flycatcher. 20 Red Backed Shrike. 21 Yellow Wagtail. 22 The Grey Wagtail. 23 White Wagtail. 24 Tree Pipit. 25 Swallow. 26 House Martin. 27 vSand Martin. 28 Swift. 29 Nightjar. 30 Cuckoo. loaned with the slides. 31 Wryneck. 32 Hoopoe. 33 Turtle Dove. 34 Quail. 35 Landrail. 36 Stone Curlew. 37 Dotterel. 38 Kentish Plover’s Nest. 39 Common Sandpiper. 40 Red Necked Phalarope. 41 Tern. 42 Hobby. 43 Montagu’s Harrier. 44 Honey-Buzzard. 45 Gareaney. HOMES OF BIRDS AND ANIMALS By F. Finn, F.Z.S. LECTURE IV. and Coloured Slides, 6s. to 7s. each. Plain Slides, 2s. to 2s. 6d. each. Typewritten Lecture, 2s. 6d., or can be loaned with the sUdes. 1 Orang-outang. 2 Harvest Mouse. 3 Dormouse. 4 Squirrel. 5 Chipping Squirrel. 6 Prairie Marmot. 7 Rabbit. 8 Beaver. 9 Badger. 10 The Fox. 11 Mole. 12 Duckbilled Platypus 13 The Echidnas. 14 Aard-Vark. 15 The Wart Hog. 16 Pigs. 17 Rat-Kangaroo. t8 Polar-Bear. 19 Moose. 20 Long Tailed Tit. 21 Great Tit. 22 Wren. 23 Tailor-Bird. 24 Weaver-birds. 25 Magpie. 26 Bower Bird. 27 Martin. 28 Sand Martin. 29 The Kingfisher. 30 Bee-eater. 31 Storm-petrel. 32 Eider-duck. 33 Puffin. 34 House Sparrow. 35 Hedge Sparrow. 36 Wood Pigeon. 37 Great White Heron. 38 Osprey. 39 Starling. 40 Grey Parrot. 41 Woodpecker. 42 Mound-bird or Australian Jungle-fowl. 43 Tortoise. 44 Stickleback. 45 Fifteen-spined Stickleback. 46 Paradise-fish. 47 Water Spider. 48 Trapdoor Spider. 49 Humble Bee. 50 Termites. 51 Field Cricket. 52 The Mole Cricket. 53 Giant Sea Anemone. For other “ Natural History Talks ” on " Birds,” and additional Slides see Index. For ‘‘Ten Minute Talks on Animals” by F. Finn, F.Z.S., see page 172. BET BIRDS AND ANIMALS HELPFUL TO By Prof. F. Finn, F.Z.S. LECTURE V. MAN Coloured Slides, 6s. and 6s. 6d. each. Plain Slides, 2s. to 2s. 9d. each. Typewritten Lecture, 2s. 6d., or can be loaned with the slides. 1 Arabian Baboons 2 The Dog. 3 The Fox. 4 Arctic Fox. 5 The Cat. 6 The Ferret. 7 Otter. 8 Elephant lifting Teak. 9 The Elephant. 10 Pig. 11 Highland Cattle. 12 Oxen dragging cart in India. 13 Zebu. 14 Gayal. 15 Buffalo. 16 Bison. 17 Yak. 18 Sheep.