Newton's lantern slide catalogue (1920s)

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43, Museum Street, London, W.C.l. 159 NATURAL HISTORY TALKS—(CoBtmued). THE WILKINSON SERIES. We are indebted to the well-known Photographer, Mr. Oswald Wilkinson, F.R.P.S., for kind permission to publish an exceptionally fine series of Slides on Natural History Subjects which have been grouped in three lectures. Many of the photographs are of exceptional merit, foj- which high awards have been granted. Special Notice. —Owing to the exceptional conditions under which most of the negatives Were taken Mr. Wilkinson (the owner of the Copyright) has been compelled to arrange a special purchase price for this series of shdes. B L Y WILD LIFE OF THE ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE Plain Slides, 5s. 3d. each, except where otherwise marked. Hiring Fee, {,1 Is. Qd. Typewritten Lecture Notes, 2s. 3d., or can be loaned with Slides. Impatient. Anticipation. The arrival. £1 I Is. 6d. Saying grace. 7s. 6d. The meal. 7s. 6d. 1 A pair of Swallows. 7s. 6d, 2 A Swallow at rest. 3 The Willow Warbler. 4 The Smg Thrush. 5 The Winchat on the lookout. 6 The Winchat at the nest. 7 Young Cuckoo. 8 How a cuckoo is fed. 9 How a cuckoo is fed. 10 How a cuckoo is fed, 11 How a cuckoo is fed. 12 How a cuckoo is fed. 13 The Reed Warbler feeding young. 14 Nest and yoimg of Uced Warbler. 15 Great Crested Grebe at nest. 16 Great Crested Grebe turning eggs. 17 The Great Cres' d Grebe. A Pair. 18 Kingfisher with fish, 19 Nest and eggs of the Waterhen. 20 The Nightjar. 21 The Sparrow-hawk at home. 22 A young Sparrow-hawk. 23 Nesting site of Great Spotted Woodpecker. 24 Great Spotted Woodpecker and young. 25 A flock of black-headed Gulls. 26 Black-headed Gulls over nests. 27 Herring Gulls. The music of the wild. 28 The Jackdaw. 29 The pounce of the Daw. 30 A Cock Pheasant. 7s. 6d. 31 The Green Plover on Nest. 32 The Greenfinch and young. 33 Moths in the wild. The Engrailed. - 34 Moths in the wild. The Dotted Border. 35 Moths in the wild. The Grey Dagger. 36 Moths in the wild. The Ghost Swift. 37 Moths in the wild. The Common Swift. 38 Moths in the wild. The Lunar Hornet. 39 The Purple Thom (Direct Colour Photograph.) 40 The Diadem Spider asleep. 12s. 6d. 41 Snare of the Diadem Spider. 42 The Large white Butterfly (on the wing). 43 The Large White Butterfly feeding. 44 The Red Admiral Butterfly feeding. 45 A Flying Bee. 21s. 46 A Daddy Long Legs. 47 “ Black Fly ” on cabbage. 48 *' Green Fly ” on rosebud. 49 Swallow Tail Butterfly. Direct colour photo graph by flashlight. 12s. 6d. 50 Orange Tip Butterfly. Direct colour photo- graph by Flashlight. 12s. 6d. BVZ BIRDS AND BIRD LIFE. Plain Slides, 5s. 3d. each, except where otherwise marked. Hiring Fee, /I Is. Oi, 1 Robin. 2 Cock Sparrow. 3 Hedge Sparrow. 4 Song Thrush at nest. 5 Greenfinch and young at nest. 6 Greenfinch feeding by regurgitation. 7 Chaffinch building. 8 Lapwing at nest. 9 Cock and Hen Pheasant. 10 Willow Wren. 11 Woodpecker Land. 12 Great Spotted Pecker. 13 Pettypool, Cheshire. 14 G. G. Grebe, showing secondaries. 15 Grebes, repairing nest. 1 i Grebes, repairing nest. 17 Grebes, hatching. 18 Red Warbler. 19 The Sedge Warbler on nesS 20 Swallow at rest. 21 Swallow preening: 22 Meadow Pipi‘, on Cuckoo’s back arriving with food. 23 Meadow 1 ipit offering food. 24 Whinchat on look out at nest. 25 Whinchat alighting. 26 Whinchat on look out. 27 Stone Chat, alighting. 28 Stone Chat, female. 29 Stone Chat, female. 30 The Nest of the Whitethroat. 31 Whitethroat at the nest. 32 Yellow Wagtail alghting. 33 Yellow Wagtail alighting. 34 Yellow Wagtail clearing the nest. For additional Slides on tl 35 Fly Catcher’s Nest. 36 Spotted Flycatcher. 37 Flycatcher sees the Fly. 38 Flycatcher on perch. 39 Kestrel Ejnrie. 40 Kestrel Eyrie feeds the young. 41 Kestrel E 3 ^ie. Halt in the meal. 42 Kestrel Eyrie swallows a mouse. 43 Sparrow-Hawk and Young at nest, 44 Sparrow-Hawk on nest. 45 The Home of the Chough and Peregrine. 46 Gulls’ Nesting ground. ' 47 Black-Headed Gulls in flight alighting on nest. 48 Black-Headed Gulls on nests. 49 Gulls’ nest and eggs. 50 Herring Gull on nest. Isle of Man. 51 Herring Gull on nest. Male watching. 52 Young Herring Gulls hiding. 53 Kittewakes and Guillemots. 54 Flock of Wild Duck. 55 Razorbills. 56 Cormorant at nest. 57 Cormorant flying off. 58 Nightjar at dawn. 59 Young Nightjars. 60 An angry young Nightjar. 61 Nest of Reed Bunting. 62 Reed Warbler at nest. 63 An angry young Cuckoo; 64 Nest and Eggs of Chiffehaff. 65 Kingfisher fishing. 66 Kingfishers. 67 Kingfisher alighting with fish in mouth. 68 Two Swans. above subjects see Index.