Newton's lantern slide catalogue (1920s)

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160 NEWTON & CO., Ltd., Lantern Slide Publishers. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 n 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 NATURAL HISTORY (Continued). BUG BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS- Hiring Fee, £1 Is. Od. Plain Slides, 5s. 3d. each, except where otherwise marked. Typewritten Lecture Notes, 2s. 6d., or can be loaned with the Slides. Small Heath Butterfly. Imago. Early Tooth Stripe Moth. Imago. Pupa of P. Cardui on thistle. L. Icarus at rest. Imago, O. bidentata. Imago at rest. Larva of Gipsy Moth. Small Maple Moth. Imago. Scalloped Oak Moth, Imago. P. Cardui. Imago. G. Rhamni. Imago. Smaragdaria. Imago. Defoliaria. Imago. N. Ziczac. Larva. A. villicA. Larva. Phleas normal and alba. Smaragdaira larva. Meal Moth, Imago. Piniperda. Imago. 19 P. Gamma. Imago. 20 N. Ziczac. Imago. 21 Eggs of bidentata. The Scallope Hazel. 22 Larva of Dot Moth at rest (M. persicarise). 23 Larvfe on Traveller’s Joy. 24 Orange Underwing (oridepositina). 25 Hornet Clearwing. Newly emerged. 26 The Wall Butterfly at rest. Imago. 27 The March. Dagger Imago. 28 Tortrix viridana. Imago. 29 The White Ermine Moth. 30 The Lappet Moth. 31 The Oak Eggar larva. 32 The Coxcomb. Prominent. Imago. Natura Resting Attitude. 33 The Early Tooth Striped Moth. Imago. 34 The Pale Tussock Moth.^ Imago. Captive. Any of the slides in the Wilkinson Series can be supplied in the finest quality painting or 5s. to 7s. 6d. additional. BWA THE LIFE HISTORY OF A BUTTERFLY. By H. C. Hawkins. Plain Slides, 2s. to 2s. 6d. each. Beautifully Coloured, Qs. to 6s. Qd. each. Typewritten Lecture, price 2s. 6d., or can be loaned with the Slides 1 The World of Nature. 2 Garden and Cream Spot Tiger Moths. 3 Crimson Underwing Moth. 4 Antennae of Butterfly and Moth. 5 Small Heath Butterfly. 6 Red Admiral Butterfly. 7 Proboscis of Butterfly. 8 Cupid and the Butterfly. 9 Table of Geological Periods. 10 Landscape of the Eocene Period. 11 Eggs of Butterflies. 12 Group of Caterpillars. 13 Caterpillar—Magnified parts. 14 Head of Caterpillar. 15 Interior of Caterpillar. 16 Caterpillars feeding. 17 The Ichneumon Fly. 18 Wasp carrying caterpillar. 19 Sections of Wasp’s Burrow — with store of cater- pillars. 20 Butterfly on Flower. 21 Pupa on Thistle. 22 Group of Pup^. (Swallow Tail; Silver-washed ' FritiUary; ) and large Tortoiseshell Butterflies. 23 Chrysalis of White Admiral. 24 Pupse of Brimstone and Peacock Butterflies. 25 Pupa of Purple Emperor. 26 Unfolding wings of insects. 27 Hornet Clearwing. Newly emerged. 28 Tortoiseshell and Comma Butterfly. 29 Small White Butterfly. 30 The Clouded Yellow Butterfly. 31 The Painted Lady Butterfly. 32 The Swallow Tail. 33 Silver-washed Fritillary. Wings open. 34 Silver-washed FritiUary. Wings closed. 35 Butterfly at rest. 36 Protective colouring. 37 Protective colouring. 38 The Orange Tip. 39 Butterflies and Moths. 40 The Peacock Butterfly, 41 Tongue of Butterfly. 42 Head of Butterfly. 43 Siiver-washed Fritillary on Pansv. 44 Cockchafer. 45 Brimstone Butterfly on Holly. 46 Purple Emperor. Egg. 47 Purple Emperor. Caterpillar. 48 Pair of Purple Emperors. 49 Camberwell Beauty. 50 A Perfect Insect. B F R STUDIES IN BIRD LIFE. By Dr. Norman Joy. Coloured Slides, 6s. and 7s. each. Plain Slides, 2s. and 2s. 9d. each. Typewritten Lecture, 2s. 6d., or can be loaned with the Slides. 1 Introductory. 2 The House Sparrow. 3 The Robin. 4 The Chaffinch. 5 The Blue Titmouse. 6 The Hedge Sparrow. 7 The Rook. 8 The Thrush. 9 The Blackbird, 10 Chaffinch sitting on Nest. 11 The Wood Pigeon's Nest. 12 The Bam Owl. 13 A Pair of Young Barn Owls. 14 The Kestrel. 15 The Peewit, or Lapwing or Green Plover. 16 Young Peewit, etc. 17 The Reed Bunting. 18 The SwaUow. 19 The House Martin. 20 House Martin’s Nest. 21 The Sand Martin’s Nest Holes. 22 The Swift. 23 The Chiffchaff. 24 The Flycatcher. 25 Young Flycatcher. 26 The Redstart. 27 The Nightingale. 28 The Nightjar. 29 Nightjar’s Nest and Eggs. 30 The Tern. 31 The Willow Warbler 32 The Blackcap. 33 Blackcap on Nest. 34 The Cuckoo.' 35 Young Cuckoo in Hedge Spar- row’s Nest. 36 Yoimg Cuckoo being fed Ly Hedge Sparrow. 37 The Fieldfare. 38 The Knot. 39 The Brent Goose. 40 The Starling. 41 Starling’s Nest and Eggs. For additional Slides on all tlie above subjects, see Index.