Newton's lantern slide catalogue (1920s)

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164 NEWTON & CO., Ltd., Lantern Slide Publishers. nature study 7 series of 3 dozen Slides from original negatives Coloured Slides, 6s. each. Plain Slides, 2s. each. A detailed list of the Slides will be sent on application. NATURAL HISTORY SUBJECTS. Photographed from life by R. B. Lodge, Enfield. Coloured Slides Is. each. Plain Slides 2s. 9c?. each 1 Flight Netting at Priskney 2 Trjy Taking Birds Out of Net 3 ,, Nets 4 The Wildfowler Loading the Old Gun 7 Common Gull in Net 10 The Gamekeeper 14 Pole Trap 15 Weasel Trap 16 Hare 17 Rabbit looking out of hole 18 Rabbit in the grass 19 Babbitting with Ferret 22 Rat 24 Castings of Barn Owl 25 Mouse bones from Barn Owl casting 27 Dormouse 28 Mouse in trap 29 Axis deer. Leonardslee Park 30 Bennett’s Wallabies, Leonard- slee Park 32 Prairie dogs 33 Prairie dogs looking out of a hole, Leonardslee Park 34 Viper basking 35 Lizard 39 Stiok Caterpillars {Savihucata) 44 Larvae of Pussmouth D. vinula 49 Slide showing protected Butt terflies an dothers of different genera imitating them 49a „ „ 52 Lappet Moth, just batched, on empty cocoon 54 Trout Fishing 56 Newt coming to surface of water to breathe RU NATURAL HISTORY SUBJECTS. Most of these are from drawings by A. Thobbuen, G. E. Lodoe, and others : conied bv permission of *' Illustrated jLondon News,” “ Knovdedge,” &q Beautifully Painted, 6s. to 9s. ; Plain Slides, 2s. and 2s. 3d. each. 1 A hungry Raven 2 On the sea shore 3 Daybreak on the 12th 4 A successful foray 5 The haunt of the Bittern 6 Highland poachers 7 Plovers 8 Terns, a sheltered corner 9 Bustards at sunrise 10 A drive 11 Grouse gliding up to the guns 12 A Merlin seizing her prey 13 Wildfowl on the mud flats 14 Snipe boring 15 On the outlying beat 16 The first drive of the season 17 The home of the Ptarmigan 18 Falcon on the watch 19 Woodcock dropping into cover 20 Spent (Fox) 21 Condemned to death (Stags) 22 Through the deep drift (Stags) 23 Mallards off the Coast 24 Guillemots and Puffins 26 Goldfinches [Coast 26 Cormorants on the Wild West 27 ChristmasVisitors (Field Fares) 28 Norwegian Hawk Owl 29 Black Game [Plumage 30 Ptarmigan in Summer 31 The Poacher (two birds) 32 Condor of the Andes Eagle 33 Peregrine Falcon and Ptarmi- 34 The Moors, Blackcock [gan 35 Partridges in Winter Months 36 HenandCockPheasantonNest 37 Hare and Pheasants at Rest 38 Wild Duck Shooting 39 Grouse-shooting: Flanking the Pack into the Guns 40 Pheasants in Close Time 41 Grey Hen and Nest [Plumage 42 Partridges in Mid-September 43 Sparrow Hawk raiding a flock 44 Black Game [of Chaffinches 45 Mallard going down wind 46 Parent Partridges and the last of their Brood; the Cock and Hen distinguished by Plumage 47 Greenland Falcon, Adult Plum- 48 Three Herons in Fligh 49 “Coveys fairly large and Birds well grown “ 50 The latest Hybrid Pheasants, descendants of English- Japanese parents 61 A Disregarded Warning: A Stoat killing a Rabbit under a Gamekeeper’s Trophy of Vermin 52 An Unexpected Enemy. Fox about to spring on pheasant. Snow scene. * 53 Fight between Fox and Stoat in Snow. 54 Peewits Alarmed by Part- ridges. A nest disturbed. 55 Havoc. Stoat raiding a part- ridge’s Nest. 56 Peregrine Falcon Teaching its Young to Stoop. 57 The Tree-Warbler. 68 Wild Ducks Entering „ Decoy Pond at Daybreak. 59 Fox Hunting Hares. 60 The first glimpse of the beaters 61 The Pacific Eider Duck at Home. 62 The Humming-Bird. 63 Birds of Paradise, I. 64 ,, „ II. 65 The Secretary Bird and Com- mon Rock Snake of Natal. 66 Swans, whistling and mute. 67 Score.sby’s Gull (June, 1905). 68 The Honey-Buzzard Rifling a Wasps’ Nest of Larvse. 69 Bird Snarers at Work. 70 Snaring Wild Fowl. 71 ^vtinctand Vanishing Birds. 72 Wing of Bird (Green Canary). 73 Grey Parrots and Nestlings. 74 White Raccoon Dog (“Know- ledge,’’ April, 1905). 75 Like and yet Unlike. An Asiatic (A) and an African (B) Fl>nng Squirrel. (“Know- ledge.” March. 1902.) 76 The Glossy Ibis (“Know- ledge,” March. 1905). 77 A Lion in J ungle. 78 An Unbidden Guest. Lion in search of food. 19 Tiger’s Head. Very ^fine. 80 The Last of the Quaggas. (“Knowledge,” Oct.. 1902 ) 81 The White-tailed Gnu. 8^ Head and forequarters of the ■Aye-Aye, the most remark- aBle of the Malagasy Lemuroids (Dec., 1901). 83 Pair of Ara.bian Baboons. 84 The Great Marions Tortoise (Testudo Sumeirei) now living at Port Louis. Mauritius (March, 1903). 85 Pair of Brazilian Tortoises. 86 Tortoise with Eggs in Gar- den. 87 Common Frog. 88 Common Toad. 89 The King Crab. 90 Oriental River Prawn. Pala- mon Lar Fabricius. From Spence Bate (Oct., 1899). 91 Arctic Shrimp. Sclero- crangon ferox Sars. From Sars (Oct. 1899). 92 Forster’s Lung-fish, Cera- todus forsteri (March, 1906). 93 Marked Plaice, which travellet^ 40 miles in 20 days, and was then recap- tured (July, 1905). 94 The Teredo. A mollusc which eats into the Sub- marine Cable. Fur-bearing Animals. 95 Silver Fox. 96 The Ermine. 97 White Fox and Squirrel. 93 Mink and Sable. 99 The Opossum. 100 The Beaver and the Cana- dian Otter. 101 Wild Duck on Nest. 102 Moorhen’s Nest and Eggs 103 Swan on Nest. 104 Thrush’s Nest and Eggs. 105 Snipe on Nest. 106 Hawk Owl with feathers dis- Dlayed. 107 Slugs on a Cabbage Leaf,