Newton's lantern slide catalogue (1920s)

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166 Slide Publishers, PhotosraphedfrombIby'l^ouur|^J|^°Jj'' SUBJECTS. sstSffi of jointly heading the award list in the’comnptiHon t’ Seined the remarkable distinction competition for photographs of anv Emerson Medal, an international merit by a comi^ittee^of For nse inTo^nne^^^^^ theTr “ re recommended to lecturers : " Wee Tim'rous Rpa y^th them the following books Book of Nimble Beasts" (Bell) " Our FarmvarH ^easties Courageoui " ° A withfhee^ domestic Animals (Duttons, nL YOThT-'^ll/bv‘‘^^nds of Mankind," Tf Farm the last, illustrated by his photouranh English and all, • P°®“® contributed originally to PmLa an??!^' ??°i and We durmg his editorship of thaf Magazine, and Coloureci Slides, Is. Qd. Plain Slides, 2s. Gd. each. Ohder Cheikopteea (Bats). 1 Long-eared B^t^JPIecotus auritus), dorsal ^ f» side view. “ „ ... front view. Serotme Bat ^/Vesperugo serotinus) front IQ XT .”. T, tiew. 13 Noctule Bat (Vesperugo noctula) front view .. ttree-quarter view. Ja " descending trunk. 1 o r ” „ 19 Common Bat (V^perugo pipistrellus), front •• ^showing teeth. ^1 Common Bat, dorsal ?o Sufferer’s Bat, front. 23 Natterer’s Bat, side 24 Natterer’s Bat, drawling. oa )ff®^f®r Horseshoe Bat, front. 26 Greater Horseshoe Bat, side. 9R ®®f. suspended. 28 Lesser Horseshoe Bat, front. 29 Lesser Horseshoe Bat, side. 30 Lesser Horseshoe Bat, suspended. Order Insectivora. 31 Hedgehog (Erinaceus Europmus), side view, oq ” front view. o'? .. dorsal view. ^ ... coiled, fi 11 qiv c, affarking grass-snake. “ Hedgehog un- 43 Nest. JA M Haffsekog climbing. 44 Magnified section of pointed end of 4, Hedgehog’s Quill. » root end. 4,7 *’ transverse section of Quill. Mol.’Vm . a'fparficial view of Quill. M Mole (Talpa Europaea), side view, t. With <*vee /Qlaovt,. j:-_ mammalia. araneus), 84 85 86 87 88 89 Water 90 ,.*-«uiopcca^ side view, with eyes clearly displayed, devouring worm, »» burrowing. M emerging. Bones of the Mole's Fore-limb. 53 54 55 56 60 »» With Bones of Shrew-mouse for «« TVT -i- V comparison. view of Mole's Man- surface of worn Lower ventral aspect of Upper Jaw. section of simple Mole Fortress. complicated Mole Fortress, four nests in situ. 33 64 65 66 Vertical 67 69 Mole’s Zig-zag Surface Run. /o Common bhrew Mouse (Sorex side view. 7« •» running. 7Q n /V sitting up. 79 Duel between Common Shrew Mice, feinting gQ *®r opening. * H :: crokTock^i's^iu".""*'*' ftf? 15 ” oi breaking away. ^ Pygmy Shrew^M^use (Soren minutus) front dorsal view, climbing, hunting insect, eating beetle, asleep. Shrew Mouse (Crossopus fodieus' - abo? f “5- “ of "“ter- Q4. cu ” HR- to dive. ^^?ho^fct!g&.»ff^ Hair parted to Shrew Mouse, 97 Glands of Shrew Mouse I "T“"" £15'. ion M ” -fi j Upper Jaws of ^^s‘hrew^“1w^°'®'“"‘’’ ^?“os of the Pygmy Shrew MoMe^’of ^the Common 103 dS‘?d ^°““oo, Shrew^^ouse.^’ ® showing the external specific difafncesf’ Order Carnivora. 105 Badger (Meles taxus), side view. 107 ** emerging from burrow. >7 Pair of 108 Badger’s Skull, side view. Jin XT " dorsal view. no Marten (Mustela martes), side view. 112 ” standing. 1,0 ” sliding on bough. 1I4 ” with extended neck. 118 Polecat (Putorius fortidus), front view J20 ” extended neck. TOR CQ asleep. 1x4 Stoat (Putorius erminea), front view, sitting i2fl ” front View, crouching. »» side view. ^ coiled