Newton's lantern slide catalogue (1920s)

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43, Museum Street, London, W.C.l. 189 NATURE STUDY STORIES. A Collection of Nature Stories founded on Observed Fact. The three following books, “ Eeasties Courageous,” '' Wee Tim’rous Beasties,” and ” Nimble Beasties,” by Douglas English, B.A., F.R.P.S, etc. (published by Bousfield & Co.,) contain a number of most interesting and fascinating stories, and an immense amount of information on the habits and life histories of the creatures described. The SHdes are from a most wonderful series of pictures, all photographed from life by Mr. English, and the excellence of these Slides and the wealth of detail in the stories themselves will delight children of all ages. Coloured Slides, 6s. Plain Slides, 2s. &d, each. XU “BEASTIES COURAGEOUS.” I.—The Water Rat, III.-The Unjust Nihilation V. 11 Slides. of the Toads, 16 Slides. — The Keeper’s Tree. 13 Slides. II.—The Daring of the Wood Mouse, 11 Slides. IV.—The White Vole. Vl.-Cosbulo and Penelope 18 Slides. 27 Slides. VII.—The Vengeance of Jump-Jim-Crow, 14 Slides. TIM’ROUS BEASTIES.” VO “WEE 1. —Mus Ridiculus. 15 Shdes. I—The Story of a Field Vole. 13 Slides. III.—The Apology ©f tie House Sparrow. 10 Slides. A O Z I.—Something about Bats, y Slides. II. —Something about Tadpoles. 7 Slides. III. —A Frog he would a-wooing go. 18 Slides. IV.—Animals' Nests. 6 Slides. V.—Something about Beetles. 7 Slides. VI.—Bunny Rabbit. 7 Slides. VII—A Butterfly Paint box 7 Slides. Descriptive Book, 6s. IV—The Awakening of the Dormouse. 14 Slides. V.—The Purple Emperor. 25 Slides. VI.—The Harvest Mouse. 20 Slides. NIMBLE BEASTS. VIII.—Two Wonderful Wasps 11 Shdes. IX. Spinipes, Th Sand Wasp. 16 Slides. X. —Pictures on Butterflies’ Wings. 6 Shdes. XI. —A very wee Beastie and a very big one. 4 Shdes. 6e Xtl.—In Wasleoo 10 Shdes. XII,—Sheep in Wolves' Clothing. 8 Slides. VII.—The Trivial Fortunes of Molge. 23 Shdes. VIII.—The Passing of the Black Rat. 8 Shdes. IX.—The Fox's Tr’icks are Many. 20 Shdes. XIV—^The Beasties’ Bed 8 Shdes. XV—The Blunders of Bartimaeus. 9 Shdes. XVI.—Something about a Chamaeleon. 3 Shdes. XVII,—The Trail of Nimble Beasts. 6 Shdes. XVIII.—The Great Green Grasshoppers’ Band. 11 Shdes. XIX.—The Pigmy Shrew. 12 Shdes.