Newton's lantern slide catalogue (1920s)

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192 NEWTON & CO., Ltd., Lantern Slide Publishers. CK HOMES WITHOUT HANDS, Photographed from Pictures. Text Book, “Strange Dwellings," 3i. Qd . 104 Slides. List on application. Beautifully Painted, 6s. each. Plain Slides, 2s. each. CO ANECDOTES ABOUT DOGS. From a series of Direct Photographs. Beautifully Fainted^ 6i'. 6d. ; Plain Slides, 2s. each. Reading, I 5 . 1 Introduction 2 BJoodhound 3 Bull Dog 4 Borzoi—Kus&ian Wolf Dog 5 Bull Terrier 6 Collie 7 Chow Chow and Pup 8 Chow Chow, Black n Chow Pup 10 Chow, Hairless 11 Daiiiiaiian 12 Great Dane 13 Dandie Dinmont 14 Gridon Pee 15^ Greyhound 16 Italian Greyhound 17 Japanese Pug 18 Mastiff 19 Maltese Terrier 20 Newfoundland 21 Pug ] 22 Poodles 33 Pox Terrier- Rough ! 23 Pomeranian 34 Pox Terrier — Wire j 24 Pomeranian Toy Haired I 25 Persian Greyhound 35 Irish Tsiiier ! 26 Sheep Dog—Bob Tail 36 Airdale Terrier ; 27 Spaniel—Water 37 Terrier—Otter 28 Spaniels—KrngCharles 38 Turnspit—Dachshund 29 Sebiperke Dogs ' 39 Fox Hounds 30 Saint Bernard 40 Dogs’ Cemetery, Hyde 31 Stag Hounds 1 Park 32 Pox Terrier—Smooth i BXV BRITISH MAMMALS. By arrangement with Messrs. Longmans, Green Sc Co., we are able to add this fine group of natural history pictures to the series of Slides published in our lists. It is hoped this splendid collection will prove welcome to those who desire to give Illustrated Talks " on this subject. The Slides have been reproduced from the well- known coloured pictures by Archibald Thorburn and include 50 different species of Mammals. Text Book, 2 volumes, by Archibald Thorburn, 12s. 6d. net. Published by Messrs. Longmans, Green & Co., Ltd., or can be supplied by Messrs. Newton & Co., Ltd. Beautifully Painted, Is. Qd. each. Plain Slides. 2s. Qd.each. 1 Greater Horseshoe Bat and Lesser Horseshoe Bat. 2 Loiig-eared Bat and Bar- bastelle. 3 Pipistrelle or Common Bat and Noctule. 4 Serotine and Leisler’s Bat. 5 Natterer’sBat and Daubenton’s Bat. 6 Whiskered Bat and Bechstein's Bat. 7 Hedgehog. 8 Mole. 9 Common Shrew, Lesser Shrew and Water Shrew. 10 Wild Cat. 11 Fox. 12 Walrus. 13 Grey Seal. 14 Common. Seal. 15 Ringed Seal and Harp Seal. 16 Hooded Seal and Bearded Seal. 17 Otter. t8 Badger. 19 Pine Marten. 20 Polecat. 21 Stoat and Irish Stoat. {Sum- mer. ) 22 Stoat. (Winter.) 23 Weasel. • 24 Squirrel. 25 Dormouse. 26 Harvest Mouse and Wood Mouse. 27 Yellow-necked Wood Mouse. and St. Kilda Wood Mouse. 28 St. Kilda House Mouse. 29 Common Mouse. 30 Alexandrine Rat and Black Rat. 31 Brown Rat. 32 Field Vole, Bank Vole and Orkney Vole. 33 Water Vole. 34 Common Hare. 35 Mountain Hare (Autumn) aud Irish Hare. 36 Mountain Hare (Winter.) 37 Rabbit. 38 Red Deer. 39 Fallow Deer, 40 Roe Deer. 41 Wild Cattle. Cadzow. 42 Chartley Bull and Chillingham Bull. 43 Atlantic Right Whale and Humpbacked Whale. 44 Common Rorqual and Sibbald’s Rorqual or Blue Whale. 45 Lesser Rorqual, Bottle-nosed Whale and Rudolphi’s Ror- qual. 46 Bottle-nosed Whale and Sperm Whale. 47 Sowerby's Whale and Cuvier's Whale. 48 White Whale and Narwhal. 49 Killer, Pilot Whale. 50 Porpoise, Risso’s Grampus and White-sided Dolphin. 51 White-beaked Dolphin, Bottle- nosed Dolphin and Common Dolphin. See also page 175 for other Slides of the “ Longmans' Series." SOUTH AFRICAN MAMMALS. These Slides are taken from the fine illustrations in " The Natural History of South Africa,” published by Messrs. Longmans, Green & Co. BYI NATURAL HISTORY OF SOUTH AFRICA. Te.-it Books, 4 volumes, by F. W. Fitzsimmons, F.Z.S., F.R.M.S., Vols. I and II, 9s. each net, Vols. Ill and IV, 12s, 6d. each net. Published by Messrs, Longmans Green & Co., or can be supplied by Messrs. Newton & Co., Ltd. MAMMALS— lecture i. Beautifully painted. Is. Gd. each. 1 Forest Home of the Vervet Monkeys. 2 Vervet Monkeys, 3 Vervet Monkey. 4 Three Vervet Monkeys squabbling over a Mealie. 5 A,raother Vervet and her baby. Plain Slides, 2s. Qd. each. 6 Baby Vervet Monkey. 7 Skeleton of a Vervet Monkey. 8 Samango Monkey, adult and a young one. 9 Hands and Feet of Apes and Monkeys. 10 Chacma Baboon.