Newton's lantern slide catalogue (1920s)

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43, Museum Street, London, W.C.l 195 THE NATUEA.LIST IN AUSTEALIA—fontinitcd. 52 Australian Spinous Lizards, ilfoloc/ifcorridiw,(male) 53 „ „ .» M (female) 54 ,! „ » t. “A Way- side Greeting” 55 , ,, shovriog knapsack- like neck excrescences 56 Moloch or Spinous Lizards feeding at an ant track 57 “ A post-prandial promenade ” 58 (a) Skull 1 ft. 10 in. in diameter ; (5) tail-sheath of Miolania Oweni 59 A millinery novelty, or hat ? ” 60 Stump-tailed Lizards. 01 Spine-tailed Lizards. Stokesii G2 Australian Monitor or rarius “ Where did you get that Tlachysaurm rugosus Egerma depresna and E Lace Lizard. Varanua Termites (White Ants.) 03 Nest mound of white an^s (7'erm.iie«) Meridian variety, I^aura Valley, North Queensland 64 Termite mounds, Albany Pass, North Queensland 05 Pigs. 1—7 Workers, soldier, nymphs, winged male and mature female of the European white ant, Terviea luciiugus. >ig. 8, Gravid Queen of Termes helUcosus. Figs. 9-13 modifications of heads and jaws of soldier individual of various species 66 Wood-devouring white ants, Tei-mes sp., of the Kimberley district, Western Australia at r t two soldier individuals 67 (a) Nest mound of White Ants, Kimberley type, Derby, Western Australia 68 (b) Ditto 69 Ditto 70 Ditto, (a) fullest development 71 Ditto, (b) section 72 Termite nests, Albany Pass, North Queensland 73 Ant-Hill Point, Albany Pass, North Queensland 74 (a) Nest-mounds of white ants, Kimberley type, abnormal shapes 75 (6) Ditto 76 (c) Ditto, phase of reconstruction 77 (rt) Ditto „ 78 Broadside view of Laura Valley, Meridian Ants’ nest 79 Nest mound« of white ants, Meridian variety, Laura Valley, North Queensland; end on view 80 Nest mound of white ants. Meridian variety, Port Darwin, Northern Territory of South Aus- tralia; broalside view 81 Nest mound of white ants, Meridian variety. Port Darwin, Northern Territory of South Australia; end on view 82 Termite mound, Port Darwin, Columnar type 88 Ovate termite mound, with nest burrow of Tany- s'pieya Sylvia 84 Small extra-tropical termite mound, with nest burrow or PosCf h'-tus i.ulcherrimtts 85 TfichonA/mpluz Leidyi, S.K infusorial parasites of the Tasmanian white ant exhioiting diverse protean modifications Houtman's Abrolhos. 86 Wreck Point, Pe'sart Island 87 Mirage-elevated breakers on outer barrier, Pel- sart Island 88 ( o Abrolhos corals. Genus inadrepora 89 (b) „ „ „ 90 ilfon vora circinata 91 „ Madrepora corymbosa 92 „ ,, protceiformis 93 94 stag’s horn coral gYOVfth,Madrpp >raheheff, Great Barrier Reef. Queens and 95 Madrepora Branchlet, showing re-growth at broken end marked A 9C Pelsart Island scroll coral. Moniipora circinata 97 The birth of a coral island, Abrolhos Archi- pelago, Western Australia 98 Shell an 1 Coral Beaches. Pelsart Island, Hout- man’s Abrolhos 99 Ditto 100 Abrolhos Coral. Madrepora prota>i/.,rmis Fishes. 101 Plumed Trevally. Caranx gallus 102 Diamond Trevally „ „ 103 Western Australian Snapper. Pagrus major 104 Plaster-casts of Tasmanian Pishes 105 Seven-rayed Tassel Pish, Polynemus Verekeri, OiM River, Cambridge Gulf,Western Australia 106 Bottle-nosod Snapper. Pagrus major 107 King Snapper or “ Aannegai.” Beryx Muller 108 Sea Pike. Snhyrcena obtusata 109 Sergeant Baker. Aulopus pnrpurUsatus 110 W. A. rlew-fish. Glaucosovia hehrmcum 111 ‘'at-fishEel Plotosiissp, 112 Lung-fish. Geratoduf Forsteri 113 York Peninsu.a Barramundi. OsteogLocsum Jardinei 114 Murray Cod. Oligorusmacquariensis 115 Tasmanian Toadftsh. Te.trodon Hamiltoni 116 Port Jackson Shark. Cestracion Phillipi Pearls and Pearl Oysters. 117 Western Australia Pearls 118 Pearling luggers in Broome Creek, Roebuck Bay, Western Australia 119 The Western Australia ” Southern Cross ” Pearl 120 Remarkable Western Australian Pearl “L Enfant Prodige^' 121 The ” Southern Cross ” Pearl 122 Pearl Oyster, with pearl-embedded fish, con- tained in the British Museum collection 123 Pearl Oyster laid open, ’showing at A double pearl, and at B small commensal crab 124 Experimental pearl-shell cultivation sites, coral reef, Thursday Island 125 Experimental pearl-shell cultivation sites, Man- grove Thicket, Roebuck Bay 126 Young tropical pearl oysters attached to a portion of the p .r-nt shell, grown in Shark’s Bay, Western Australia 127 Natural clusters of Shark’s Bay Mother-o’-Pearl shell. Melengrina imbricata 128 (a) Pearl-shelling Station, Fresh Water Camp, Shark’s Bav, Western Australia 129 (b) Pearl-shelling Station, t^'resh Water Camp, Shark’s liay, Western Australia 130 Shark’s Bay Golden Pearls 131 Artificially produced Pearl 132 Western Australian Pearls Marine Miscellanea. 133 “ Rhinoceros Rock,” Roebuck Bay, Western Australia 134 Ascidian-covered Rocks, Roebuck Bay, Western Australia 135 Social Holothurians, Colochirus anceps, Roebuck I Bay, vVestern Australia i 136 Cygnet Bay Sea Anemones. Condylactis sp. i 137 Giant Sea Anemone- Discosoma Haddoni, with i Commensal fish ani crab 13^ Bladder-tentacled Anemones. Phy8ohrachia,8p, 139 Stinging Anemones. Actiuodendromilcyonidmm 140 Socially consorted Anemones and worm tubes. Acro-ioanthus Austral'ia 141 Living coral, BeutrophylUa axifuga, with polyps expanded 142 Turbmaria Peltata, Shark’s Bay. Western Australia 148 Yeung cup corals, Turhinaria conspicua et T.pdtati Port Denison, Queensland 144 Fol acet»us cup cnrals, lu bmaria eoitspieua. Shirk’s Bay, Western Australia 145 Revolute cup c iral, Turbiuariarevoluta, Shark’s Bay, Western Australia 146 (tt) Verticillate staUtd sponge. Cauloppiongia verticillat'i. (b) Neptune s cup spoug-!.Pottfrio« p a era vnr 147 Young turtles, Chelone viydas, photographed whi e swimming 148 Jellyfish, Discomedusce., photographed in water j Iri.mlife I 149 Mangrove lighting crabs. GHasimus coarctata I 160 Army crabs, Myaeric lougica'^us'