Phonograph Monthly Review, Vol. 3, No. 10 (1929-07)

Record Details:

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Brunswick Offers the Gilbert & Sullivan Operas Sung by The Brunswick Light Opera Company in two new Album sets On sale at all Brunswick dealers’ G ILBERT & Sullivan’s works are known and loved every- where in the civilized world. Because of the enormous popularity of the creations of these two men, Brunswick has had the Brunswick Light Opera. Company, an organization of extremely talented singers-, record the melodies from their six most loved operas. The albums are divided as listed. Here is an unusual treat for the record-buyer. Nowhere save on Brunswick can you obtain this intriguing music at the ex- tremely low prices which we have placed on these two sets. Brunswick’s new policy of ‘‘the world’s great music at pop- ular prices” brings you “The Mikado,” “Pinafore” and the other operas of these immortal lyricists at amazingly low cost. NOTE: If there is no Brunswick dealer in your community, write us for name of dealer where you can obtain these sets. Address Box R -38 Record Dept., The Brunswick-Balke- Collender Co., 623 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago. Album No. 13 —Seven records in beautiful album with explanatory booklet $8 20072 The Mikado Part 1 The Mikado Part 2 20073 The Mikado Part 3 The Mikado Part 4 20074 The Mikado. Part 5 The Mikado Part 6 20078 Patience Part 1 Patience Part 2 20079 Patience Part 3 Patience Part 4 20080 Iolanthe Part 1 Iolanthe Part 2 20081 Iolanthe Part 3 Iolanthe Part 4 Album No. 14 —Six records in beautiful album with descriptive explanatory booklet $7 20075 Pinafore Part 1 Pinafore Part 2 20076 Pinafore 1 Part 3 Pinafore Part 4 20077 Pinafore Part 5 Pinafore Part 6 20084 The Pirates of Penzance Part 1 The Pirates of Penzance Part 2 20085 The Pirates of Penzance Part 3. The Gondoliers Part 1 20086 The Gondoliers Part 2 The Gondoliers Part 3 s/arimmrick^ Panatropes • Radio • Records • Panatrope - Radiolas THE BRUNSWICK - BALKE - GOLLENDER CO. CHICAGO NEW YORK TORONTO' BRANCHES IN ALL PRINCIPAL CITIES