Phonograph Monthly Review, Vol. 3, No. 5 (1929-02)

Record Details:

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Dajos Beia Edith Lorand Famous Opt 12 inch $1.00 Selections from World 12 inch $1.50 The Barber From Bagdad (P. Cor- nelius) Overture Part I and II George Szell and the Grand Sym- phony Orchestra /Tannhauser (R. Wagner) (Arrival (of the Minstrels at the Wartburg) 5158 The Prophet (G. Meyerbeer) ) Dr. Weissmann and the Grand ( Symphony Orchestra, Berlin /Lohengrin (R. Wagner) Act III, (Scene 3. “Heil Konig Heinrich” 5K7 i W W° Weilt Nun Der, Den Gott )Gesandt” I IVAR ANDRESEN, Tenor with \ Grand Symphony Orchestra Tales of Hoffmann (Offenbach) eirfi Entr’acte, Minuet and Barcarolle Dr. Weissmann and the Grand Symphony Orchestra, Berlin La Forza Del Destino (Verdi) ci ro Overture Part I and II Dr. Weissmann and the Grand Symphony Orchestra, Berlin Die Goetterdaemmerung (R. Wagner) co , Bruenhildes Tod Part I and II 5 | Prof. Dr. Max Von Schillings and the Grand Symphony Orchestra, ^ Berlin Pearl Fisher (Bizet) Part I and II Salvatore Minichini and his Royal Marine Band; Cornet Soloist, G. Lo Scialpo; Trombone Soloist, F. Imparato. Traviata (Verdi) Scena Della Borsa IE Concertato Part I and II ' Sextette-Ciniselli, Tenor; Bar- | done, Soprano; Mammarini, Sop- f rano; Nessi, Tenor; Baracchi, Baritone; Menni, Basso. [ Cavalleria Rusticana (P. Mascagni) 3232 | Selections Part I and II Edith Lorand and her Orchestra I Traviata (Verdi) Selections 3220 Part I and II Dajos Bela and his Orchestra ODEON Otto Heineman, President and General Manager NEW YORK CITY 25 WEST 45th STREET