Phonograph Monthly Review, Vol. 3, No. 5 (1929-02)

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Robert Alexander Schumann is the latest of the great masters to be represented in Columbia Masterworks* Album Sets One of the most virile productions of his unique genius is his series of Symphonic Studies, Op. 13, for Piano This is combined in Columbia Masterworks Set No. 102 with the Piano Sonata in G Minor, Op. 22 the two works superbly played by the favorite American Pianist, Percy Grainger. Other recent Columbia Masterworks issues are: DEBUSSY GRIEG MASTERWORKS SET NO. 100 QUARTET IN G MINOR, Op. 10. By LENER STRING QUARTET, of BUDAPEST. In Seven Parts, on Four Twelve-Inch Records, with Album, $6.00. MASTERWORKS SET NO. 98 CONCERTO in A MINOR, Op. 16; for Pianoforte and Orchestra. By IGNAZ FRIEDMAN, with Orchestra Conducted by Philippe Gaubert. In Eight Parts, on Four Twelve-Inch Records, with Album, $6.00. » Res. TI. S. Pat. Off. Columbia ™oS«Records “Magic Notes” Columbia Phonograph Company Made the New Way - fzlectricaily Viva-tonal Recording - The Records without Scratch w Magic Notes” New York City