Phonograph Monthly Review, Vol. 3, No. 5 (1929-02)

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180 The Phonograph Monthly Review February, 1929 CONTENTS FOR FEBRUARY PAGE Picture on front cover: Elbridge W. Newton GENERAL REVIEW 145 Axel B. Johnson MUSIC AND BUSINESS 149 Elbridge W. Newton NEEDLES 150 Ferdinand C. Fassnacht A RE-REVIEW 151 Robert Donaldson Darrell PHONOGRAPH ECHOES 153 CORRESPONDENCE 158 ANALYTICAL NOTES AND REVIEWS 168 Staff Critics Mart and Exchange RATES: Advertisements will be accepted for this col- umn at the rate of five cents a word with a minimum charge of one dollar. The advertiser’s name and address will be charged for, single letters and single figures will be counted as words; compound words as two words. All advertise- ments must be prepared and be addressed to the Advertis- ing Department, THE PHONOGRAPH MONTHLY RE- VIEW, 47 Hampstead Rd., Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass Should the advertiser desire his announcement to be ad- dressed to a box number in care of the magazine, ten cents extra for the forwarding of replies must be included. WANTED MAY 1927 issue copies of The Phonograph Mon- thly Review. State condition and price. Box 90J, Phonograph Monthly Review. RARE BLUES DISKS by Ethel Watters, Lena Wilson, etc. Also “Perfect” record of Parlor Social Stomp. Box 89G, Phonograph Monthly Review. NOVELTY AND RARE RECORDS of all kinds. Give full description, date of release, and present condition. Box 93R, Phonograph Monthly Review. GRIEG’S TO SPRING played by the composer. H.M.V. Historical list. State condition. Box 94M, Phonograph Monthly Review. FOR SALE THE BEGGARS’ OPERA acoustically recorded on six disks by noted artists. The only recording of this remarkable work. Write for particulars. Records in excellent condition, having been played with fibre needles only. Price $12.00. Box 91N, Phonographic Monthly Review. ACOUSTICAL LIBRARY of chamber music and orchestral works. For sale or exchange. Box 92A, Phonograph Monthly Review. “The Periodical of Culture” The Aesthete Magazine HENRY FRANCIS PARKS, Editor A bi-monthly periodical (six issues per year) for the aesthetically inclined. A unique and distinctly different organ of progress in music, literature, the dance, etc. Intelligent but not highbrow. The music in each issue is worth the price alone. Subscription: $2.00 per year.—Price at the news- stands, your music dealer or by mail: 35 cents per copy. The AESTHETE, Inc. Room 1611 32 W. Randolph St., Chicago The key to the Music and Phonograph Trades 3000 Pages "60000 Addresses "Price $4 15 rue de Madrid, Paris The Music Magazine of the Pacific West Published Monthly in San Francisco Covering the Ten Western States from Canada to Mexico The biggest Western Circulation of any Music Magazine FREDERIC SHIPMAN, Publisher Hotel Sutter San Francisco SUBSCRIPTION ORDER Date THE PHONOGRAPH MONTHLY REVIEW The Phonograph Publishing Co., Inc. 47 Hampstead Rd., Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass. Enclosed please find check f 0 r 54.00 in pay- noney order ment for The Phonograph Monthly Review for ont year beginning with the issue. Name . Street Town /Yearly subscription price for^ f Canada and other foreign K '“countries $5.00, postage prepaidJ BOSTON LINOTYPE PRINT, INC.