Phonograph Monthly Review, Vol. 5, No. 3 (1930-12)

Record Details:

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“Magic Notes" COLUMBIA RECORDS ALL THE MUSIC OF ALE THE WORLD “Magic Notes" DECEMBER RELEASES MASTERWORKS* SERIES BACH Preludes and Fugues (Well-Tempered Clavier) Nos. 10 to 17, for Piano By Evlyn Howard-Jones * On Four Twelve-Inch Records, with Album Masterworks Set No. 147 $6.00 RICHARD STRAUSS Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme—Suite for Orchestra By Walther Straram and Orchestre Des Concerts Straram In Eight Parts on Four Twelve-Inch Records, with Album Masterworks Set No. 148 $6.00 RAVEL Daphnis et Chloe (Symphonic Suite for Orchestra) By Philippe Gaubert and Orchestre Des Concerts Straram In Four Parts on Two-Twelve-Inch Records 67827-D and 67828-D, $1.50 Each CELEBRITY RECORDS 50258-D 12 inch, $1.25 2314-D 10 inch, 75c 50257-D 12 inch, $1.25 2306-D 10 inch, 75c G-50259-D+ 12 inch, *1.25 50254-D 12 inch, $1.25 50253-D 12 inch, $1.25 \ Danza Ritual Del Fuego (Ritual Fire Dance) (De Falla) \ Danza De La Fastora (Dance of the Shepherdess) (Halffter) [ Piano Solos Jos§ Echaniz f Three Fishers Went Sailing (Hullah) ] Pleading (Elgar) [ Tenor Solos Louis Graveure f Liebesfreud (Kreisler) -j Liebesleid (Drigo-Auer) [ Violin Solos Efrem Zimbalist f Over the Steppe (Gretchaninoff) -I In the Silence of the Night (Rachmaninoff) [ Baritone Solos Alexander Kisselburgh ( Norma: Overture (Bellini) Polonaise Militaire (Polonaise in A Major, Op. 40, No. 1) (Chopin) Instrumentals Dr. Weissmann and Symphony Orchestra f Tutti in Maschera: Overture In 2 Parts (Pedrotti) ] Instrumentals Milan Symphony Orchestra [ (Under direction of Cav. Lorenzo Molajoli) f Otello: La tempesta (The Storm) (Verdi) \ Otello: Fuoco di gioia (Fire of Joy) (Verdi) [ Vocals Milan Opera Chorus SACRED RECORD 2315-D 10 inch, 75c Now the Day Is Over Sternal Father, Strong to Save Vocals Temple Quartet X GUV /Lombardo AND HIS ROYAL CANADIANS Strike an entirely new note in a glorious coupling of old favorites ST. LOUIS BLUES STEPHEN FOSTER MEDLEY FOX TROTS INSTRUMENTAL RECORDS 2316-D 10 inch, 75c Grenadier Guards Band, Conducted by Captain George Miller DANCE RECORDS 2311-1) 10 inch, 75c 50256-D 12 inch, $1.25 2319-D 10 inch, 75c 2323-D 10 inch, 75c 2312-D 10 inch, 75c 2320-D 10 inch, 75c 2324-D 10 inch, 75c 2322-D 10 inch, 75c 2317-D 10 inch, 75c 2313-D 10 inch, 75c 2309-D 10 inch, 76c Homemade Sunshine Laughing at Life (Incidental Singing by Ted Lewis) Fox Trots Ted L ew i s and His B and f The St. Louis Blues -j Stephen Foster Medley (. Fox Trots Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians f Ukulele Moon Waltz 1 Baby’s Birthday Party Pox Trot l Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians f My Man from Caroline •j Still I Love Her l Pox Trots Ben Selvin and His Orchestra f Just a Little While Waltz j Loving You Pox Trot L Ben Selvin and His Orchestra (You Were Only) Passing Time with Me Pox Trots Smith Ballew and His Orchestra Wasting My Love on You . Fred Rich and His Orchestra Wedding Belis Are Ringing for Sally (But Not for Sally and Me) Waltz The Cavaliers (Waltz Artists) Football Freddy (My Collegiate Man) Fraternity Blues Fox Trots Ted Wallace and His Campus Boys Can This Be Love? (from “Fine and Dandy") Three Little Words (from Radio Picture “Check and Double Check") Fox Trots Ipana Troubadours, S. C. Lanin, Director f It’s a Great Life (If You Don’t Weaken) (from Paramount I Picture “Playboy of Paris") | Always in All Ways (from Paramount Picture “Monte Carlo”) l Fox Trots Merle Johnston’s Saxophone Quartet f Loving You the Way Jl Do (from “Hot Rhythm”) \ You’re Lucky to Me (from “Lew Leslie’s Blackbirds of 1930") l Fox Trots The Charleston Chasers VOCAL RECORDS CHRISTMAS RECORDS ( O Sanctissima (O du froliche) (Traditional) Silent Night, Hallowed Night (Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht) (Traditional) Instrumental Dajos Bela and His Concert Orchestra r All on a Christmas Morning—Idyl (Amers) 2304-D I The Little Clock on the Mantel (Characteristic Piece) 10 inch, 75c ) (Wheeler) Instrumentals l Eastbourne Municipal Band, Conducted by H. G. Amers i O Come, All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) (Traditional) Cornet Solo Jack Mackintosh Good King Wenceslas (Christmas Carol) (Traditional) Organ and Comet Duet W. B. Webber and H. Hamilton tThis record is offered for sale in the Canada only. •Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. United States of America and Record No. 50256-D 12 INCH $1.25 Columbia /^Records Viva-tonal Recording -’The Records without Scratch Columbia Phonograph Company, Inc., New York 2318-D f Laughing at Life 10 inch, 75c <! I’m Yours (from Paramount-Publix Picture “Leave It to l Lester") Ruth Etting 2307-D f I’ll Be Blue, Just Thinking of You 10 inch, 75c <! Just a Little Closer (from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Production l “Remote Control”) Ruth Etting 2308-D f Just a Little While 10 inch, 75c j When the Organ Flayed at Twilight (. Lee Morse and Her Blue Grass Boys 2321-D f Moonlight on the Colorado JO inch, 75c *! Someone Sang a Sweeter Song to Mary Oscar Grogan { The Lone Star Trail (from Universal Picture “The Wagon Master") The Cowboy’s Lament Ken Maynard (The American Boy’s Favorite Cowboy)