Phonograph Monthly Review, Vol. 5, No. 4 (1931-01)

Record Details:

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THE INTERNATIONAL RECORD DEPARTMENT We It's Recorded Can Supply It" THE NEW YEAR BRINGS MANY NEWLY RECORDED SELECTIONS OF FINE MUSIC AND ALSO ADDS ANOTHER YEAR TO OUR SECOND DECADE OF SATISFACTORY ASSISTANCE TO THE DISCRIMIN- ATING MUSIC-LOVER. BACH—SONATA IN G MAJOR, for Violin and Piano, played by Adolf Busch. Imported Victor disc. Price $2.50 BACH—ST. MATTHEW PASSION, ’Twas in the Cool of Eventide, V coupled with JOVIAL AIOLUS, How Jovial Is Thy Laughter, sung by Keith Falkner. Imported Victor disc. Price $1.25 BACH—ST. MATTHEW PASSION—O Man Thy Grievous Sin Bemoan, sung by Westminster Abbey Choir under the direction of Dr. Bullock. Imported Victor disc. Price $1.75 BAETOK—BELA, HUNGARIAN POLK TUNES, played by Joseph Szigeti with the composer at the piano. Imported Columbia disc. Price $2.00 BRAHMS—INTERMEZZO No. 4 in B flat, Opus 76, and BALLADE “ED- WARD” in D Minor, played by Harriet Cohen. Imported Columbia disc. Price $2.00 BEETHOVEN — FIFTH SYMPHONY, Opus 67, played by Vienna Phil- harmonic Orchestra under the direction of Franz Schalk. Four im- ported Victor discs, in album. Price $7.25 DEBUSSY—DANCES FOR CHROMATIC HARP, played by Mile. Lily Laskine and Symphony Orchestra under Piero Coppolo. Imported Victor disc. Price $2.00 DEBUSSY — SONATA FOR VIOLIN AND PIANO, played by Jacques Thibaud and Alfred Cortot. Two imported Victor discs. Price $5.00 DEBUSSY—SONATA FOR ’CELLO AND PIANO, played by Maurice Marechal and Robert Cas^ Imported Columbia discs. Price $4.00 FRANCK—PRELUDE, FUGUE AND VARIATION, played by Marcel Dupre. Imported Victor disc. Price $2.00 GLUCK — ALCESTE, Act 2, Air d’Admete, and LOHEN- GRIN, Recit. du Graal, sung by Georges Thill. Im- ported Columbia disc. Price •••••••'..'. $2.00 HARSANYI—SONATA FOR ’CELLO AND PIANO, played by Hans Kindler and the Composer. HARSANYI—CINQ PRELUDES BREFS, Piano solos, played by the Composer. The two works on four im- ported Columbia discs in album. Price *>••» $8.00 HOLBROOKE — BRONWEN, Selections, by John Coates, Doris Vane, and Symphony Orchestra under Powell. Three imported Columbia discs, in album with notes. Price :. * $6.00 MOMPOU, CANCO Y DANCA, Nos. 3 and 4, piano solos played by the Composer. Imported Victor disc. Price * : * 1,50 MOUSSORGSKY — KHOWANTCHINA, PERSIAN DANCES, played by London Symphony Orchestra un- der Albert Coates. Imported Victor disc. Price $2.00 POULENC—AUBADE, for piano and 18 instruments, played by the Composer with Instrumental Ensemble. Three imported Columbia discs. Price , $4.50 SIBELIUS—EN SAGA, played by NEW SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA under Goossens. Two imported Victor discs. Price $3.50 STRAVINSKY—CAPRICCIO FOR PIANO AND OR- CHESTRA, played by the Composer and Orchestra des Concerts Straram. Three imported Columbia discs in album. Price $6.00 WAGNER — SIEGFRIED IDYLL, played by Beilin State Opera Orchestra under Karl Muck. Two im- ported Victor discs. Price $3.50 VIVALDI—CONCERTO IN D MAJOR, ’Cello and Piano, played by Maurice Marechal and Maurice Faure. Imported Columbia disc. Price $2.00 Our mail order department serves you promptly and efficiently. Every record inspected, carefully packed and insured against breakage, assuring you of their safe delivery. Send for free copy of our Music Lovers’ Guide and Catalog, giving you Program Notes on the better imported recordings and contain- ing many new recordings not listed here. Ill EAST 14TH STREET Uptown Store Brooklyn Store 243 West 34th St. 1225 Broadway