The Phonogram (1901-09)

Record Details:

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in their endeavors to make amateur records that shall be as 1 loud as the boughten kind. I have heard it said by several Phonograph dealers that this new Recorder has been the means of their making many sales. It is such an improve- ment over the old style attachment that Phonograph owners will do well to investigate its merits. *[ Speakjng of Recorders reminds me I have heard it whis- pered that there will be a new Reproducer put on sale sometime this Fall. It will be “ loud and clear, and twice as natural.** It will embody a new idea that occurred to Mr. Edison sometime ago and on which his experimenters have worked hard all Summer. I will tell you more about it, later. Elsewhere in this issue I print the writings of W. H. Sedgwick and Franklin L. Payne. They are now on the Roll of H onor of the Order of the Phonogram , and to them have been accorded every Theoretical Advantage bestow- able by the ORDER. ^ Would-be-Eligibles may become Members of the ORDER by following the suggestions outlined in my April number—mailed free on request. NEW EDISON RECORDS. Both Standard and Concert Records may be ordered fiom this List. 7897 The Lion Tamers March Banjo O 7898 Romance and Shadow Dance from Meyerbeer’s Dinorah Band E 7899 Casey’s Wedding Night Comic song Bon