The Phonogram (1901-01)

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JANUARY 1902 TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Past. First— THE PHONOGRAPH Foreword Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter History— Ancient, Medieval and Modem Prophecy ' More Modern History The Story of the Invention The First Phonograph Pictorial and Commercial History Part Srcond— HOW TO USE IT Introduction Chapter 1 The Gem Chapter 2 The Standard Chapter 3 The Home Chapter 4 The Spring Motor Chapter 5 The Concert Chapter 6 The “M** and ««E" Electric Chapter 7 The “M” Concert Chapter 8 The “H” Coin Slot Chapter 9 The “M” Coin Slot Chapter 10 t The “M” Concert Coin Slot Chapter 11 Batteries Chapter 12 Repeating Attachment Chapter 13 Blanks and Records Chapter 14 Shaving Chapter 15 Dictating Chapter 16 Speakers Chapter 17 A Word about Belts Part Third— THE OPENEER PAPERS Chapter 1 What Mr. Openeer Heard Chapter 2 How We Gave a Phonograph Party Chapter 3 The Secret of Making Phonograph Records Chapter 4 The Phonograph as an Aid to Language Study Chapter 5 The Phonograph as an Aid to the Arts of Stenography and Typewriting Chapter 6 Three Greek Roots