The Phonogram (1902-03)

Record Details:

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The PHONOGRAM SJ&B§CRIHJIO^ THIRTY CENTS A Y-EAR sTng' TE 111 M B E rT, TO Published by HERBERT A. SHATTUCK ar- Number 13? Fifth Avenue, New York City \ \ » " » i.:, r [ Printed Monthly for those interested in the Arts of Records ltd. IReproducing Sound j w»/fc for those interested Animated Pictures. -.1J Official Handbook of The Order of The Phonogram . * y* very *%‘SpeciarDepartment will hfi devoted to > Ss • • •*it ■ „•:> ''SalI . £>ucstions ■/snd J Answers re - ' . 'iWfu Pkow* draflii, * ■ Grams, and Scopes. Cor- respondence welcomed by the Editor. PAGE Notes . Edward Clarance Two Great Improvements The Phonograph and the Rube Improvement of the Phonograph A Twentieth Century Sleighing Party Oliver Cromwell and the Collar Button