The Phonogram (1902-03)

Record Details:

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MARCH 1902 69 Second ; play a Moulded Record with the new Model C Reproducer. The effect is wonderful. The difference is startlingly apparent. The Moulded Records have a quality that proves conclusively the wonderful advance in the Art of Record Making. The volume is nearly twice that of the present Edison Records, and almost the equal of the Concert Records. Third ; play a new Moulded Record with the present Re- producer. Both volume and tone quality suffer in this comparison; but by playing the present record immediately after you take off the Moulded Record you convince your hearer of the wonderful improvement of the Moulded Rec- ord even when played with the present Reproducer. This demonstration will satisfy the listener that the new Model C Reproducer is not an absolute necessity with the Moulded Record, and that he can continue to buy Moulded Records without going to the expense of equipping his Phonograph with a New Model C Reproducer. But the fourth demon- stration will decide your listener that he must have a Model C Reproducer , right aivay : Fourth ; play the present Record with the New Model C Reproducer. This proves without a question the superior- 0 ity of the Model C Reproducer, with its mica diaphragm and its button sapphire. Tones and sound values that were never dreamed of as existing in the present record, are brought out with surprising clearness and volume by the wonderful Model C Reproducer. Now make the differ- ence plain to the listener by substituting the present Repro- ducer for the New Model C. Down falls both tone and volume. The listener says “ Is it possible I ever thought that record loud ? ” Now put back the Model C Repro- ducer, and play the present Record again. The results are £