The Phonogram (1902-03)

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MARCH 1902 75 With the assistance of one of the gentlemen of the party, we escorted our two guests to a place of honor in our sleigh. Mr. Record proved himself to be a veritable phenomenon in the music line and gladdened our hearts with his 'fault- less renditions of the latest music. After having ridden several miles we stopped at a cozy road-house, and after ’ having warmed ourselves Mr. Record once more came to the front placing his ever ready talents at our disposal. He played for us a great variety of dance music, and when it was finally time to return to our respective homes, a re- solution was passed extending to our most worthy friends, Mr. Phonograph and his talented assistant, Mr. Edison Record, a hearty vote of thanks for the able manner in which they had so creditably entertained us. If some of my fellow readers will try this experiment, they will readily understand how these two characters, Messrs. Phonograph and Edison Record come to have such large following and make ardent admirers of all that have had the good fortune to listen to their talents. Samuel Warsawer. The Phonograph is always ready to amuse your friends .— Openeer IMPROVEMENT OF THE PHONOGRAPH. This instrument, which since its invention has been used chiefly as a toy, may receive such important improvements in the next few years that it will realize the expectations that were raised when it was first described. At that time, we are reminded in an article in The Scientific American , it took a remarkably strong hold on the imagination. Public