The Phonogram (1900-08)

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7he PHONOGRAM PTION THIRTY CENTS A YEAR CONTENTS FOR AUGUST, 1900 Timely Longing (poem) PACK - IOI A Letter from Uncle Josh Weathersby 101 Phonograph DoUt How to be Jolly on the Trolley Dolls 109 A Short Go wf Talk no An Obliging Tradesman no Lantern and Phonograph HI To Christine (poem) The Farmer 116 nS Doggerel, “F* 110 Announcement «*3 August Notes New Edison Records **5 The title of this periodical has been chosen for its peculiar significance ; <pwvrf , Phone, the voice, and , Gram, that which is written. In simple words, The Phonogram is a magazine devoted to the arts of recording and reproducing sound.