The Phonogram (1900-08)

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CLOTH Made famous (in this country, at least) by the Rough Riders and their charge ** up the hill . 9 9 Until the Spanish-American unpleasantness, what kb«M doth had been used by the U. S. Army was imported from England. For many years England has equipped all her Indian troops with khaki uniforms. The cloth is light weight. It is Surly waterproof. It don’t show dirt. It makes a cool garment. DIRTPROOF COOL . WATERPROOF Early in 1898, the United States Government solicited for enough to equip the Cuban Army of awarded to many firms, with produced of that one mill for the txcvtfot uu < N.B.—This is the mill whose Khaki ONE DOLLAR A YARD inches wide or for walking he thing. For •huts. For children’s use, entire 1 men’s wear, it is cooler than duck Samples sent to any one interested, with privilege of examination. I j ways if the fobric does not meet yo John Wright, 234 Union St N.B.—I respectfully intending [