The Phonogram (1900-08)

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CAL ITIWAIT, \ Punkin Centre, July loth, 1900. Dear friend Herbert, I was just down to the port ofis and Ezra Hoskins, he is the post master, handed me your letter and the book you sent me. Wall Herbert its a darned cute little book. But what in thunder phonogram means is a little more than your uncle can figure out, but the readin in it is purty good, though I haint read much of it as yit, I am going to keep it till some rainy day and then take it out to the bam and 1*11 just flop down on the hay and have a good read. I did read that story about the ecko down in Washington though, and it put me in mind of something I heerd Si Pettingill tell one time about an ecko. One afternoon we was all setrin round the stove at die grocery and Si laid that where he wai railed there wat leren hilli ^ I Jt • « S!*m t • OV V* V w ^ ^ w ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ • 4 v