The Phonogram (1900-08)

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AUGUST i 900 ' that sort of come together, and if a feller was out there he dasant ralk louder than a whisper on account of the echo. He said there was a feller come there one summer who lowed he waant afraid to talk right out in meedn front of any darned old hill. So one day he went out among the hills and hollered jus as loud as he could holler. Wall he started an <ykn a goin and cum darned near gitdng killed by it. You see when he hollered, the ecko started off and hit one hill, and then bounced off and hit another one, and then bounced from one hill to another, gitting louder and bigger all the time, till when it got back to where it started from, it hit a stone quarry what was there and a piece of stone flew off and hit that feller and he didn't cum to for orer three hours, and the ecko tore up the rocks so that it ruined the stone quarry. We didn't any of us say anything just then but we done right smart of thinking. Wall if I remember jist right, that started a general conversation that would hare made Ananias ashamed of himself, and Saphira look like three beans in a kettle of soup. Old Jason Rogers said that nater did play some tarnal queer tricks cause about the coldest day he ever seen was right in the middle of August. We all kind of sot round and shifted our chawin tebacker over on tother side, cause we all know- ed what Jason's Reputation was especially when he got warmed up. Jason said that it was along in August onct that he rode his mule over to Ruben Hendrick's place, and hitched him up to a pen of pop com that stood out by Ru- bens bam. He said that while be was in the house talking to Ruben, the sun got to shinin so hot on the pop com that it commenced to poppin and flying round that old mules ears and he thori t was snow, and when he cum out of the I