The Phonogram (1900-08)

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held said cow as said defendants property, and my deasHm in the case is, Abe Miller, I think the cow is worth more than one year’s feed and care, so therefore Abe seeing that Solon has not paid you, you keep the cow two weeks more and she is youm. Court Will Now Ajurn. Jim Lawson got drunk bout two weeks ago and went to sleep tween a couple of logs down at Jenkins saw mill. Wall they start- ed the masheenery agoin and afore they found out Jim was there, they had sawed off about a foot and a half of his old wooden leg. Jim is whittlin out a new one now. Says he is a goin to put an alarm clock in it that will go off every five minits when he is drunk. Most of us seem to think that the clock will be kept purty busy. Last week we had some doins at Jones’s Grove, the Militia company turned out to drill. They are gitting ready for Fourth of July doins. Wall I think the whole Centre was out to see them} All at onct they fired off a cannon, which made old Nancy Smith jump so that she lost her glass eye, and she was that frustrated and upsot that she couldnt find it. A couple of days after that we found Ezra Hoskins boys playin marbles with it. Wall it was so full of gaps and scratches that Nancy couldnt wear it, so Ezra is trimin it down on the grind stone. We had a meetin of the Punkin Centre Lit- erary and Debatin society, last Thursday evenin, at which the followin motto was adopted for the next quarter. We dont believe in kickin. It aint apt to bring us pease} Still the wheel that squeeks the loudest Is the one that sets the ereccc.